NuFace Prep-n-Glow Textured Cleansing Cloths

There seems to be a new wave of cleaning cloths and pads on the market. More and more brands came out with their own version, but sadly most such products proved to be a complete disappointment.

Not that long ago, I got the opportunity to try the NuFace Prep-n-Glow Textured Cleansing Cloths. I received a pack of these cloths from Harvey Nichols in their autumn beauty gift with purchase.

NuFace Prep-n-Glow Textured Cleansing Cloths Review

When I first opened the pack of cleansing cloths, I did not know what to expect. I mean sure, I heard about NuFace’s facial device, who hasn’t? I cannot say that I am that surprised as most such brands created auxiliary products to grow their brand reach. But still, I was a bit thrown off.

The NuFace Prep-n-Glow Textured Cleansing Cloths come individually wrapped which I know is a big no-no. That is definitely not environmental friendly. It would not be friendly even if the wrapper were made of sustainable and recyclable materials as there is still labour and such to consider. I know all that, but in this case I kinda like that each cloth is individually wrapped. That makes these cloths so perfect for traveling and something to have on my person while on a plane or in the case of an emergency (aka when my makeup looks weird and I am at work or school) You get the point.

The NuFace Prep-n-Glow Textured Cleansing Cloths are nicely sized. They are a bit larger than a folded napkin which is great. That makes them easy to use and you can properly rub them all over your face. In addition, as the name suggests, the cloths are textured. The NuFace Prep-n-Glow Textured Cleansing Cloths have a textured side with some small  beads on it and another side with that in simple and soft.

The textured side of these cloths works wonders in exfoliating your skin. The bead like structures are not harsh on the skin and you can control just how hard you press or rub. However, they do a really good job at exfoliating your skin. I am very serious here and you know that I never joke about these kind of things. Also, the plain side is soft as I mentioned before and it helps soothe the skin.

Do the cloths really remove makeup? Well, they kinda do. The NuFace Prep-n-Glow Textured Cleansing Cloths do a pretty good job at removed traces of makeup. I personally treated them as a tonic replacement rather than a makeup remover. I don’t think you should skip that vital step, not even when travelling. There are travel sized cleansers available. However, the NuFace Prep-n-Glow Textured Cleansing Cloths can replace your exfoliator and tonic (is it toner?). Plus, they do remove traces if makeup if any are left.

In addition to using these cloths at night. you can also use them in the morning. They are perhaps better suited for morning use as the make your skin glow and prep it for the rest of your routine. I should have totally started with this. My makeup has never looked better, well not in such a short period of time. This helps get you get ready in a really short period of time thus saving you thugs precious minute sins he morning while also ensuring that your face will look amazing.

Overall, the NuFace Prep-n-Glow Textured Cleansing Cloths are not a product that I would buy to use everyday. That much is clear. It would be pretty unsustainable of me to do so. However, the cloths are definitely something I will buy again. I have tried many products of this kind, well, similar kind, and none of them really did anything for my skin. That was not the case here.

I recommend you give NuFace Prep-n-Glow Textured Cleansing Cloths a try.

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Have you tried these cleansing cloths? Are you tempted to do? Any questions about the product?


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