Patchology Illuminating Eye Gels

I did not get the appeal of eye patches for a very long time. I know that I was being stubborn, but paying £5-£10 for a single use item seemed outrageous to me. However, over time I started to see why so many people love them. I also discovered that some patches are worth the money, while others not so much. Typical! Now the question is how do these illuminating patches from Pathology rank?

The Illuminating Eye Patches from Patchology were in the 24th drawer of the Fortnum and Mason Beauty Advent Calendar.

Patchology Illuminating Eye Gels Review

The Patchology Illuminating Eye Gels are sold as a box of five. Each set of eye gels is stored in a little plastic container and inside a pouch so to keep the patches imbibed with the serum. Can we talk about this for a minute?

I really don’t like the fact that each set needs to be an individual pouch. That seems quite the waste, but I get that it means the patches are great for when on the go. What I don’t like even more is the plastic container in which the patches were placed. Personally, I found it a bit difficult to separate the two patches, one for each eye. If they bothered to add the plastic bit then they could have placed each eye gel in a separate compartment. These are just my thoughts though, you don’t have to always agree with me.

So yeah, I am not a huge fan of the packaging, but it can be great for when you only want to take a set or two with you while traveling.

(As you can see below, the patches overlapped in the container which made them hard to separate without pulling or tearing)

Now that I got that out of my system, let’s talk about whether these patches actually work.

The Patchology Illuminating Eye Gels are these glittered little gels that can be easily placed underneath your eye area and they are meant to provide an illuminating effect. The eye gels are quite easy to apply and they actually stay put most of the time. Nothing different here compared to other (good) eye patches. The question is whether they can actually provide an illuminating effect.

The answer is yes. The Patchology Illuminating Eye Gels actually do provide a slight illuminating effect. It is not something out of the ordinary, but the area underneath the eyes is visibly illuminated and that brightens the eyes and makes one seem more awake. The effect is kinda cool actually. These little patches can save you from looking like you haven’t slept which is something we all strive for. Other than that, I did not see much else to write home about. There was a slight hydration thing going on due to having the serum absorb slowly and for a prolonged period of time in the area underneath the eye, but still nothing that really impressed me. I have high expectations, what can I say?

Overall, if you are looking for a not so quick fix to counteract the effects of a night of little sleep then this might be it. If you are looking for something more complex, then you might be better off looking somewhere else. Personally, I am going to continue using the patches until I run out, but I am not that sure I will repurchase. There are many other such products on the market, even some from Patchology that deserve a chance.

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