Sephora Collection Fizzing Star Bath Soak Review

I recently rediscovered my love for baths. It seems that good things do come if you move every once in a while. I might have a tub at home, but I cannot use it. Now that I am on assignment for the foreseeable future and live in a flat with a different kind of bathtub which I can actually use, I plan on taking advantage of it every chance I have. This is why I started becoming obsessed with bath products which you probably noticed, I never really mentioned them on the blog before, but now that is going to change.

Anyway, long story short is that I was wondering through my local Sephora. Okay that is a lie, I do have a Sephora closer by, but I always end up bumping into a stray animal on my way there so I go someplace else. Yeah, I know…. and to think I am a trained biologist. Okay, as I was saying, I was in Sephora trying not to shop (obviously) because of the shopping ban and I ended up getting these tiny little bath bombs which I want to talk to you about today.

Sephora Collection Fizzing Star Bath Soak

I got several bath bombs shaped as little stars. They are all Sephora Collection aka Sephora’s own brand. And I went for several in a scent I was familiar with which is the Pillow Battle that I struggled to get my hands on so badly when I was living in London and I also got two in another scent which I believe is called Moonlight Swim.

Since then, I tried both so I am going to discuss both bath bombs in more detail below.

However, before that, let’s talk general information.

It might come as a surprise, but besides a lone bath bomb that I tried several years ago, I haven’t touched one since. Okay, that is just an expression. I have touched some, but always gave them away to friends and family if not made them part of a giveaway. I know that people have been obsessed with such products for quite a while and some love playing with them, but for me it was not really an option. Now it finally is so I am taking advantage of it. Better late than never, right?

Anyway, I absolutely loved seeing the bath bomb dissolve in water. It is definitely fun to watch and play with the product. But I was more surprised to see that the product is actually relaxing. I did not see that coming. I honestly though that most such products are just for fun, a novelty gift rather than something that actually has a use. But I was wrong as my experience, albeit limited, came to show.

Okay, so while I did find the bath bombs relaxing which one of the two types I got was my favourite?

The two little stared bath products from Sephora are very similar, yet very much different. The main difference is the scent and the colour really which is what the product resumes to after all.

If you are in a fun mood or feeling super girly then definitely go with pillow battle. That is what the scent is all about. In this little star shaped bath product I was actually able to sense the scent quite strongly which is fine, but not my priority. Not where this scent is concerned at least.

On the other hand, the Moonlight Swim is a more masculine and yet super seductive scent. I did not expect to like it as much as I did, but I am absolutely obsessed with it. This is the product I will continue to purchase.

Overall, while both fizzing bath stars are great, I am definitely more in love with the Moonlight Swim one which managed to create a romantic and yet relaxing environment not just in my bath, bu in the entire bathroom. Hope this makes some sense.

I do recommend the bath bombs from Sephora and albeit small, they are more than enough and still fun to play with. Have fun!


Do you have any favourite bath bombs?


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