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I love my mid length to long hair, I really do. However, it tends to get in the way sooo, but soo many times. It is kinda annoying, but I would not be caught dead getting out of the house with my hair up. I just have the way I look with my hair up, especially now as my face is a bit more round than usual. Yeah, let’s just blame it on stress but we all know the truth. Whatever! Anyway, the idea is that I keep my hair down, but the moment I am inside, my hair goes up and that is a huge relief.

Now that we established that I love to wear my hair up and I am sure you do as well, but finding the right hair tie is hard work. In recent years there has been quite a bit of innovation going on in this space, Many brands have come out with many new options for hair ties which are all meant to help you, but do they really work? Hmm, not always.

Today, I want to talk about the Slip Skinnies I got not that long ago. These are also part of the new wave of hair ties that showed up on the market.

Slip Skinnies



As I was babbling above, the Slip Skinnies are part of the new wave of hair ties that showed up in recent years. That should be a clue that the product is not all that new, but it is new to me and it is new when compared to the history of hair ties. This means that I did not know what to expect.

And I did not.

I heard many good things about Slip and their use of silk in hair accessories. I think it is great and an interesting concept. I thought so when they come out with it and now when everyone is doing it. I was definitely intrigues, but I did not know for sure whether there is actually any substance, so to speak, when it comes to this concept.

It turns out that it is. While here I cannot speak about using products made of silk in regards to prevent ageing and wrinkles, I can speak about what silk does to hair. Surprise, surprise it turns out that silk does not break hair as much as other fabrics do.

The Silk Skinnies help me keep my hair up while at home in a comfortable manner without breaking it. I no longer end up with loose hairs that have fallen off from the tugging created by the hair ties. Is that how we say it? I honestly have no idea how to talk about this. I find it kinda awkward, but the point is that I lose less hair by using silk hair ties than when using regular hair ties.

But since I do not wash my hair daily, I would also be interested to know whether you get a line from the hair tie. Unlike with some other innovative products in this market, you sadly sometimes do get a wrinkle in your hair which makes it wearing it down not as enjoyable the next day.

Okay, this was really weird to write and I am clearly out of my depth when it comes to explaining whether these silk hair ties from Slip are any good. So I am just going to summarise it here and let’s hope that my point did get across as intended or let’s just forget this ever happened.

The idea is that the Slip hair ties are good at some things, but not always as good as others. I personally do recommend you try them, but they are kinda expensive so if you already found another option that works for you then maybe just stick with it?

The Slip hair ties, I have to admit that they look better than other imitations available on the market. They are beautifully made and the silk is high quality. The sticking is perfect. So there definitely are some things that make that high end price make sense, but it is up you whether you want to spend so much on hair ties that only protect your hair to a certain extant and do not perform any magic.

Where can you buy the Skinnies Hair Ties from Silk?

Do you have any favourite hair ties?


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