Milk Makeup Kush Lip Balm in Plushberry

Milk Makeup is yet another brand that is super famous, that everyone loves and that I do not seem to be able to get along with. I tried many products form the brand, some of their old and discontinued range as well as some from their new and updated range. The results were less than great which you probably already know about if you have read my review of the Cooling Water Caffeine Stick or the Watermelon Stick Mask. However, I am not one to give up.

If so many people love a brand there has to be something to it, right? It cannot be just marketing. I refuse to believe that no one on the blogosphere is telling the truth or that everyone is being swayed by fancy marketing tactics. That is just not possible. So I began to investigate further and thus the reason why I chose to try a product from Milk Makeup’s KUSH range – the lip balm. It definitely made more sense for me to try the lip balm than a mascara since I am not a huge wearer of the product as I explained here.

Anyway, let’s talk about the KUSH Lip Balm from Milk makeup, shall we?


KUSH Lip Balm from Milk Makeup Review


The KUSH lip balm from Milk Makeup is  a lip balm which comes in 4 different tinted shades and one in clear so there should be something that works for everyone. Personally, I decided to go for coloured shades, but more about that later. First, let’s talk general features and such.

The KUSH Lip Balm from Milk Makeup is super soft which means that it applies easily on the lips, however it can also mean that you might run out of the product a lot faster than with other such products. The product is also pretty hydrating which is the purpose of a lip balm after all, no? So I am happy to report that the lip balm does what it is supposed to do at its bare minimum.

The plant derived oils combined with shea and mango butters hep hydrate and soften the lips. I am pretty happy with the effect actually. My lips are super soft now and they are also less dry, however I have to admit that the effect does not last. You need to reapply the balm and use it for prolonged periods of time. However, as long as you have the product on, the lips do stay more moisturised. The effect does last a bit afterwards, but the more you stay away from the product, the more likely your lips will revert to their former state. Nothing really unusual here, though.

All good so far, but as always, I managed to find something that did not enchant me. The lip balm tastes a bit funny. The taste of the product or smell for that matter is not super bad, but it is not the most lick-able one either. At the end of the day that is not bad, as this prevent you from wanting to eat the lip balm off of your lips. But I could still do with a more appealing taste. On the other hand, you easily get used to both the scent and the taste so it is all good. It would not be me if I did not mention this or pick on something.

Okay, so we have a hydrating lip balm that is made of gluten-free and vegan ingredients, but that taste a bit funny. What else is there to the KUSH Lip Balm from Milk Makeup and what about the colours?

Well, the lip balm has a glossy finish, at least the coloured ones do. The lip balm might be glossy, but it ain’t sticky which is great. And now let’s talk about the colours.

I got two different colours, but I want to talk about only one today as that is the one I have been wearing. I tried the second colour once or twice, but I will come back to you about that one. So let’s talk Plushberry KUSH Lip Balm.

Plushberry Milk Makeup Lip Balm

The Plushberry lip balm is a sheer neutral berry which works perfectly well with most, if not all skin tones. The colour is beautiful and since the product is actually a lip balm rather than a lipstick, the colour is less pretentious and it can be applied more easily without worrying about smudges and such. This makes the lip balm from Milk Makeup a perfect option for those who love a coloured lip and especially darker shades, but are incredibly worried about smudging. That was me, but not anymore.

This product changed my attitude towards darker shades. I can now wear a darker shade and not worry at all. Like at all. For real.

The balm might come off and you lose the colour, but there is no smudging. You just reapply it and you are good to go.

You can play with the colour as well. The shade might be slightly sheer, but you can build it up if you want to darken it and catch someone’s attention. You can use the shade during the day, but it is perfect for night time events. It is that versatile!

So for me Plushberry has to be one of the best shades out there. It is a perfect repression of who I am, loud and still classy. Versatile, but…

It just works and I cannot believe that I waited this long to share this review with you. You need to get this colour if you choose to get a KUSH lip balm. Juts give it a shot!


Overall, the lip balm itself might not be the most impressive one ever, but it is a good product. However, the tinted version, especially the one in Plushberry makes this product a must buy for me. So I have to concede and say that there just might be something about this whole Milk Makeup brand.


Where can you buy the KUSH lip balm?

What do you think of the KUSH lip balm?


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  1. Girl I feel that!!! I haven’t tried that many Milk products but I’ve never been blown away by any of their line, but I want to like them so I keep hoping that’ll change.

      1. Many of their products are not good. I am not obsessed with the mascara either. However there are a few that are worth a try and personally I found this to be one of them.

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