Susanne Kaufmann Deodorant Stick Line M

The review I want to post today is going to be slightly different. The product I chose for today is the 3rd product from the Liberty Other Advent Calendar, which you might know that it was a calendar that catered more towards men. So yeah, I want to talk about a deodorant that is theoretically for men, but can totally be used by women as well. Enough chit chat, Let’s get to it.

Susanne Kaufmann Deodorant Stick Line M Review

I am not going to talk a lot about the brand as I only amassed a small collection of Susanne Kaufmann products, but I have yet to use them all. So I am going to save that discussion for another time, but I will talk about the Stick Deodorant that the brand released as part of their beauty range for men.

While I am obviously not male, I do think that certain products can be used interchangeably regardless of it says on the bottle. There might be slightly different needs due to hormones and preferences might differ, but I do think that for the most part, the majority of products are genderless. You can continue to read this review if you are interested in the person or if you want to get it for the men in your life. Up to you.

Personally, I was attracted by the product from the first time I saw it. The Susanne Kaufmann Deodorant Stick Line M is a aluminium free deodorant which is great. I am a strong believer that aluminium free is the way to go and seeing that brands acknowledge that it is something that needs to be applied when it comes to male lines, is simply amazing. However, in this particular case, what ceaughtmya attention is the use of Witch Hazel.


I recently discovered the magic of Witch Hazel ( don’t worry, I will share later) and seeing the ingredient in this deodorant make me go yay! Each time I shave I get ingrown hairs and my skin become incredibly irritated so I have been trying to find something to help. The use of Witch Hazel i this deodorant does that. While this product does not wash away all my problems, not even those related to shaving this specific area, it still improves my condition significantly which I appreciate tremendously.

I am going to talk about effectiveness once I get the scent out of the way. The two are sort of related anyway.

The Susanne Kaufmann Deodorant Stick Line M has an obvious manly fragrance to it, however it is not super obvious either. Even women who are super fans of manly scents might enjoy this. The scent can be considered quite subtle actually. On a man it does not stand out, on a woman it might stand out a bit, but to herself mostly rather than to those around her. It might just make one feel more seductive having those hidden notes on the skin.

This bring me to the last point which is effectiveness. The deodorant itself can be quite effective. There are not many issues here. For a natural deodorant this is great, but the scent is what misbehaves. The fragrance of the deodorant changes with wear and that is the one you can sense and not in a Β good way. It is not sweat per se, but the fragrance which is changed by sweat. This was kinda weird to me. I tried many natural deodorants and if there is an issue, the issue is caused by the product itself and not by its fragrance. This is quite surprising and sad.

The addition of the Witch Hazel and what the ingredient can do to one’s skin made the product stand out in a good way, but it is the fragrance that makes it a no for me. It is not even the fragrance itself which smells incredible, but the way the fragrance ages is what is problematic and off-putting. This is juts my experience and I do hope that it won’t happen to others as well as otherwise this does seem like a dreamy product that can solve some issues and not just protect others from your natural essences.


Have you tried the Susanne Kaufmann deodorant?



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