Nivea Extra Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

Eye Makeup Remover is not something I love to use often, even though I should. I tried many products and not many are actually ones that I care to use again. These are super tricky products and it took me a while until I found a type that works for me, my needs and my sensitive eyes and that is the J&J gentle eye makeup remover pads. However, when I got the Nives Extra Gentle Eye Makeup Remover in the Nivea Beauty Advent Calendar, I knew I had to give it a try. I tried to keep my expatctions low, but it was hard to do so since it is Nivea we are talking about after all.

Here are my thoughts on the Nivea Extra Gentle Eye Makeup Remover.


Nivea Extra Gentle Eye Makeup Remover


The Nivea Extra Gentle Eye Makeup Remover is a liquid makeup remover. I really like that as you can use whichever kind of pads/rounds you want to remove your makeup. You can even use reusable ones and as such tis product has a potential to be more sustainable.

The eye makeup remover from Nivea is scented, but the scent is fresh and typical of Nivea. I love it, but it might bother some of you so I felt the need to mention it.

I won’t beat around the bush here as I have done that enough in the past few days. The idea is that the Nivea Extra Gentle Eye Makeup Remover is effective and it is not harsh on the eyes. The product does not leave an oily residue, not enough to bother me and that is truly something. Most eye makeup removers, especially the ones in liquid form are oily and that stuff gets into my eye…I cannot live with that so I usually avoid such products.

I mentioned that I already found the perfect product for me in the form of gentle makeup remover pads from Johnson and Johnson. I still like those a bit better than this makeup remover from Nivea, but this product made it second on my list. I wanted to offer you an alternative as I know that some of you are not comfortable with how unsustainable the Johnson product is.

Overall, the Nivea Extra Gentle Eye Makeup Remover is a good product and one that I will keep on using. I am sure that this is a product that I will also buy again in the future. It might have not taken the place of the Johnson pads in my heart, but it is a top product. I recommend you give it a try!


Where can you get the Nivea Gentle Eye Makeup Remover from?

Do you have any favourite eye makeup removers?


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