Purito centella green level eye cream

Purito Centella Green Level Eye Cream

Everyone around me seems to be mega obsessed with Purito, yes the K-Beauty brand. And yes, I am for some unknown reason resorting to what I believe could be teenage speak and not necessarily 2020s teenage speak, but 2000s. But hey, the 2000s are back in fashion. Okay, someone please stop me before I manage to embarrass myself even further, even though I doubt that is possible by this point.

Okay, so everyone seems to be using Purito. The brand started popping up on just on social media, but I have seen it in stores as well. More and more stores seem to be carrying it and this is despite the fact that the brand recently came under fire for their SPF. I am sure you heard all about how the level of protection offered by their SPF products tested lower than what it said on the bottle, at least for the items that were checked.

Personally, I never tried any of their SPF products, even though everyone seemed to be swearing by them. I was about to, if I am being honest, but then the scandal hit and thus decided to orient my attention and money to something else, such as the eye cream I want to talk to you about today.

Centella Asiatica Green Level Eye Crean Review

The moment I first opened the eye cream, I was surprised to find out that the tube was significantly larger than the ones we usually see for eye creams. That caught me by surprise, but I have to say it was a welcome surprise. The Centella Asiatica Green Level Eye Cream from Purito comes in a 30ml tube rather than a 15ml such a the ones that are more frequently used. The only other eye cream I ever got in a 30ml format was from Rodial. Other than that, I have yet to see another.

So yes, the eye cream from Purito comes in a large tube. Just thought this is something you should know. Also, another thing I loved in regards to the packaging is that the tube has the expiration date printed on it, as pretty much every other K-Beauty product. Why can’t western brands do the same? It would be so much easier. Except it might not be that beneficial for some luxury brands that seem to be quite unstable, but more about that later.

I have to say that I have been using the eye cream for a while now. I still have quite bit left, but I wanted you to know that this is not a first impressions kind of post or anything of the sort. Nope, I have been using the Centella Asiatica Green Level Eye Cream for long enough so that I can draw an informed conclusion.

The eye cream is white in colour, it does not leave a white cast or anything behind. The product absorbs incredibly fast and leaves the skin feeling hydrated and super comfortable. However, it is different than when applying a HA eye cream. Really different. It does not leave that dewy, wet feeling behind.

I am sorry. This Purito product is so different than anything I have ever used that I do not even know how to describe so that ti makes any sense. The only other product I used that absorbed like this eye cream is also an eye cream, but one from Dermalogica. However, the two products are very different in texture. Whilst that one is more like a silicone based primer, this one is not. This one is a bit, a very tiny bit like an SPF perhaps. It has a slightly, barely noticeable stickiness to it, but one that annoys, you know?

In terms of effectiveness, well here is the weird part. I do not know. I cannot tell whether there is a difference or not. The product contain several anti-ageing ingredients such as Adenosine, Collagen and Ceramide. It also includes wound healing ingredients such as Panthenol, Centella Asiatica Extract and Sodium Hyaluronate. Given the amount of goodies and positive reviews, I expected something more “wow”, I guess. No, the eye cream is not at all bad, it is just that I cannot see any visible effects. However, what I can feel is that my skin is not as sensitive. Given the weird weather conditions and having to endure snow even in March with some more snowy days threatening us to show up in April, I cannot say that I mind that benefit. But yeah, overall, I do not feel like the amount of ‘great-for-you’ ingredients that are supposedly in this in cream led to any long term benefits which is a shame as I actually came to like the product.

Oh man, I do not even know what to say now. On one hand I wish to recommend this product because it is sort of good and you get great value for your money, but on the other hand, there are so many other products out there that are better.

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Have you ever tried anything from Purito before?

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