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Niche Beauty – Conscious Beauty Gift with Purchase worth £255+

I am back with a new offer. I actually had a review planned for today, but then Niche Beauty decided to surprise us with a new beauty gift with purchase. It was too good of an opportunity to let it pass by so here I am. This new Conscious Beauty edit gift with purchase is perhaps one of the best ones yet when it comes to such offers from Niche Beauty, but I will let the contents speak for themselves. More information is available below.

Niche Beauty Conscious Beauty Gift with Purchase Contents

2 Full Size Products:
Holi Frog / Shasta AHA Refining Wash Original 148 ml
Roén – 11:11 Eye Shadow Palette Original

11 Luxury Sizes:
Susanne Kaufmann / Nährstoffkonzentrat – hautglättend, 5 ml OR Tagescreme Linie A, 3 ml
Dr. Barbara Sturm / Balancing Toner, 30 ml
Tata Harper / Clarifying Cleanser, 15 ml
Oskia – Renaissance Mask, 15 ml
Irene Forte / Helichrysum Hyaluronic Toner Age-Defying, 30 ml
Shani Darden / Retinol Reform, 5 ml
Omorovicza / Deep Cleansing Mask, 15 ml
Goldfaden MD / Detox Hydrating Gel, 7 ml
Chantecaille / Rose de Mai Face Oil, 4 ml
Leonor Greyl / Huile de Leonor Greyl, 50 ml
Caudalie / Vinoperfect Nachtcreme, 15 ml

A Set of 3 Travel Bags

Price and Value

The new beauty gift with purchase from Niche Beauty can be yours for free if you spend €220/£195 and has a value of £255+. Get yours here.

However, as usual, the retailer once again released the beauty set as a “product” and it is available for purchase for just £27/€89 (???) with no additional purchase required. You can get it on its own here.


Is there even a point to comment on how the beauty gift with purchase can actually be purchased on its own for £27 in the UK whilst you need to pay €89 for the same products if you live the EU, especially given the fact that this is a EU based retailer? I was already thinking about how the threshold for the gift is a bit high right now given my “spending less challenge”, but would be more than willing to dish out the equivalent of £27, however…. Argh. Come on?! I have no idea how they got these numbers. I even considered the fact that it might be a mistake with the UK price (*sill could be so I would move fast if I were you).

Anyway, leaving aside that whole weird bit with the price, let’s talk about the products included in the gift. Personally I kinda like the contents of this one and they are all part of the Conscious Beauty edit which means they are “clean” beauty products. I am sure that many of you will appreciate this. Once again though, I cannot provide many comments on the products themselves, however I can tell you that the Deep Cleansing Mask from Omorovicza is incredible and an experience in itself. The product does a great job at ridding your skin of all the nasty particles and leaving it soft and healthy looking. This is one of the few such masks that I actually enjoy using. However, I have yet to find a product from Omorovicza to let me down so there is that.

The only other product I tried is the Oskia Renaissance Mask. This mask is one I have not revisited in a while, but it had a huge moment in around 2016. The mask has a thick gel texture. It is easy to apply and feels nice on the skin. Washing it off is a breeze and it leaves the skin soft and luminous. It is a perfect addition for any glow-getter. Despite sounding a bit like a saleswoman, I am actually serious. The mask leaves your skin glowing. I have not experience nay discomfort using this mask, but if you have sensitive skin, I recommend a patch test. Actually scratch that, you should do a scratch test no matter the situation, but yes, those with sensitive skin might want to be extra careful when it comes to this product.

You already know what I am going to say. I already mentioned above the fact that I was already making plans on purchasing this beauty set from Niche Beauty. I totally would have at the equivalent of £27, however at its EU price, I would rather go for the gift with purchase TBH. Decisions, decisions. Times like these makes it super difficult to stick to my “spending less” experiment.

Oh, and if you are unfamiliar with the retailer, Niche Beauty is a german retailer that delivers to over 190 countries. I shared my experience shopping with them here.

Grab the beauty gift with purchase here or get the beauty set on its own here.

What do you think of the Niche Beauty Gift with Purchase?

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  1. O

    So, are you getting it?
    At first I thought I soooo don’t need anything from here, I looked at my inventory list, thought again that boy, I soooo don’t need anything even though I’m sooooo tempted by the Roen quad, even though I have the Disco Eye single and I don’t love it. But I keep thinking about getting this set. The price conversion has improved so I’m no longer put off by it. By the way, it’s £80 now.
    So, I’m looking at my inventory list, I see a ton of exfoliating products I have, I see a ton of exfoliating products in the NB gwp, and I’m still pondering whether to add it to the cart, ahhh

    1. Nana

      Hello! Thank you for taking the time to comment. I really missed seeing your comments on here 😀 I wasn’t sure whether you were still a reader or not :(. Actually I decided to skip it. When saw the initial UK price, I was already making plans to get it as I assumed the price in Euros would be similar. With the 89 price tag, I started thinking about getting it as a gift, but as much as I am tempted by some of the items, particularly the quad eyeshadow palette, I don’t really need more products right now. I am trying to work through the ones I have and finish the year with a positive balance as per my monthly challenge. Probably not going to happen once advent calendars start being released, but there is hoping. I do get that it is a hard decision to make though. How are you? Have you managed to get through your stash? 🙂

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