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This is old news by now, but I was so behind on reviews that I decided to share those instead. This is a platform that should be focusing mostly on products and experiences rather than offers, but you see how it turned out. We even have a platform just for offers where I am working together with some other bloggers and yet… Maybe one day, we will go back to that one, in the meantime, the best offers will be shared on here. However, it seems that there are more such offers in recent months than ever before. Is it just me?

Okay, I have to admit that I do have an ulterior motive for posting the reviews. I am working on multiple projects at work which seem to want to multiply. It is nice to be wanted and perhaps even needed, but must everyone want me at the same time? Just like the other kind of relationships, right? Either all or none. The point is that the articles were drafted during Easter when I had time to sit down and write them without feeling pressured. I am sorry though. I still want to create the best content I possibly can and provide as much helpful information possible, but I do have to admit that I am a bit overworked right now. Not much longer though, but let’s hope that I will meet the imposed targets before the volume of work goes down…fingers crossed. It is Saturday and I worked until 30 minutes ago (will a couple of breaks as it is the weekend after all). If that won’t give you an idea of what my days look like, nothing will. I will stop complaining now. Okay, not quite yet.

The reason why I decided to share this offer after so many days is because I was in Sephora earlier today and spotted the acne patches included in this beauty offer from Cult Beauty. When I saw the price, I put them down despite dealing with a horrible spot that won’t go away. It motivated me to go digging for the patches I own (did not happen…it might, maybe…), love and keep losing. They do seem to have a mind of their own and they are never where I last placed them. Happens every single time. However, the first though when I saw the priced was of this box. I would rather wait forever to receive this Blemish Edit from Cult Beauty than purchase them at full price. I don’t even know if they work!

This brings me to the Blemish Edit. It is funny and sometimes scary how my mind works. Honestly!

The Blemish Edit Contents

  • HUM Nutrition Daily Cleanse – full size
  • The Ordinary Niacinamide Powder – full size
  • Glow Recipe Pineapple-C Bright Serum – full size
  • 111 Skin Anti Blemish Biocellulose Facial Mask – full size
  • Peace Out Acne Dots (two strips of 10 dots)
  • Herbivore Lapis Balancing Facial Oil – travel size
  • Omorovicza Silver Skin Saviour – travel size

Price and Value

The Blemish Edit from Cult Beauty is priced at £35/€40.25 , but it is worth £140/€155 (giving you an incredible 75% saving!).

The beauty box is available for purchase here.


You already know that I haven’t tried the Peace Out patches. Actually, I only tried one product from this kit and that is the Omorovicza Skin Saviour and it is a product I enjoy. The mask is high quality and feels incredible on the skin. I haven’t used mine enough in order to be able to determine whether it helps in the long run, but it is soothing and does leave the skin super soft and more even. In theory, based on the fact that it contains silver, it should do wonders for angry spots. Every other product I tried with silver has. Not that helpful, I know!

As for the rest of the products, I have not used, but I do love the Ordinary Niacinamide. That is the best product from them, in my opinion, and I have been looking forward to giving the powder format a try as well. It always ends up leaving my basket before checkout, especially when I am planning on getting a beauty gift with purchase. It is usually something I can easily remove without falling underneath the threshold and still trims down the overflowing amount. Hope that makes sense. I don’t have anything against the product, in fact, as stated above, I am keen on trying it out. It just happens.

Overall, I might not be able to provide much insight on this occasion, but if my rambling about the Peace Out patches is of any indication, this box contains not just that product, but several other products that are worth quite a bit and might not be worth purchasing at full price to figure out whether they should have a place in your beauty stash. I won’t point fingers here (yes, I will), but I am looking at one of the full size products in particular when I say that I have quite a few doubts. I love the brand, the idea behind it and all the hustle than went into making it, but the products themselves have been a bit of a letdown (if you thought Glow Recipe, you thought right). This is an incredible occasion to try their serum and get some incredible value, regardless of the outcome.

Grab the Blemish Edit here.

What do you think of the edit? Have you purchased it/planning to do so?

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