Dr Dennis Gross Hyaluronic Marine Dew It Right Eye Gel

I am back with a new review, one that I cannot believe I haven’t posted till now. In fact, for the first time in like forever, I had to check that I haven’t posted it yet. It seemed impossible, you know? Today I wanted to share with you my thoughts and experience with the Dr Dennis Gross Hyaluronic Marine Dew It Right Eye Gel, This is a product I have used and emptied several times over the years, most recently in 2021. I was quite happy to have received my last tube in the Net-a-Porter beauty advent calendar, you know?

Anyway, here are my thoughts in this eye gel from Dr Dennis Gross.

Dr Dennis Gross Hyaluronic Marine Dew It Right Eye Gel Review

Whether you are someone who uses eye cream or not, I do hope you will give this review a read. Personally, I am a bit on the fence myself, but I started leaning towards using eye cream. I know that a good face cream can replace an eye cream if you really, really want it to (as long as it does not contain any exfoliating agents or other ingredients that have no place coming near your eyes), however, I feel like the skin underneath your eyes could require targeted treatment. Mine does at least.

The skin underneath my eyes is sensitive and it is dehydrated. As such, I try to be extra careful with it as sometimes it can feel like it is burning from cold or tears. A good eye cream, usually helps with this issue, but the dehydrated patches do require extra attention as well.

The Dr Dennis Gross Dew It Right Eye Gel is just perfect for my current needs (sort of, but more about this a bit later). The Eye Gel has a nice texture, it can also be a bit cooling and the best part? it absorbs super fast while leaving the skin feeling more hydrated and looking more luminous or at least dewy.

The Eye Gel from Dr Dennis Gross covers all your basic needs. I mean that. This eye product is the perfect product to cover basic needs in regards to undereye skincare. This is a perfect “first” more luxurious eye cream for any teenager, and even a 20-30s individual. However, as we age and require additional help to tighten up the skin (don’t worry, I have some fine lines in my inner eye corners as well and undoubtedly will get more), I do strongly believe we need something more than just this product.

My point is that while I am going continue to use this product so that I can benefit from the help it provides, since I am closer to my 30s than my 20s and my needs are beginning to change, I won’t purchase this product each time I finish a tube. I will rotate between products. However, I won’t mind getting this product again as a gift or even making a future purchase sometime in the future. You all know that I am stingy when it comes to making purchases of certain products even when I did enjoy using them. It takes something that is reasonably priced and effective for me to be willing to get it a full price rather than through an offer (gwp offers excluded).

Yes, I do recommend giving this product a try. It is truly a nice product, but do consider you needs beforehand.

Where can you purchase the Dew It Right Eye Gel from?

Have you ever tried this product before? How do you feel about eye cream in general?

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