Ok! Beauty Box May Edition

I am back and today I want to share a few things about a new beauty box that has been available in the United Kingdom for the past few months. Of course, I will be referring to the current edition of the OK! Beauty Box and that is the May 2021 edition.

Ok! Magazine, for those of you who missed their surprisingly limited ads, have also launched their own beauty box subscription service. While other magazines have gone for the limited edition boxes which they release every few months. OK! decided to go the more traditional route and started launching new boxes on a monthly basis, via a subscription, same as GlossyBox or LookFantastic, just to name a few. I cannot say that this is a dream come true nor is it something I have been wanting for years, but getting more to choose from can be a good thing. I know I said this before, but competition on the market sometimes means better deals and more value for the end customer. Of course, there are drawbacks as well, but I won’t go into those here as this article is about a beauty box rather than a business lesson. You can hit me up for that one as well, if interested 🙂

OK! Magazine Beauty Box May 2021 Contents

Bioderma Hydrabio Hydrating Micellar Cleansing Water, 500ml – RRP £19.50

Monu Skin Firming Fiji Facial Oil, 30ml – RRP £26.95

Murad Intense Recovery Cream, sample size

Oskia Skincare Renaissance Cleansing Gel, travel size

Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream, travel size

Price and Value

The OK! Magazine beauty box is priced at £15. This particular edition has a value of over £80. Furthermore, you can get the first box at 50% by entering the 50FIRSTBOX code at checkout.

The box is available here.


I do not know what I was expecting, but this is definitely not it. Don’t get me wrong though. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the contents of the OK! Magazine beauty box, especially those of this edition. The box contains a nice array of skincare products, from some very respectable brands.

I have tried a few of the products before, but I will go into details on one alone as that is the one I used more recently and used the most as well.

In recent months, I became quite a fan of Bioderma. Their products are unlike anything I expected them to be. The brand is affordable and has not one, but several incredible products and I have yet to try their entire range. It made me wonder why I ever spent small fortunes on luxury items when I could have gotten some of their stuff, especially in terms of essentials. This brands need more recognition, honestly.

The HydraBio Micellar Water is pretty nice. The product does a great job at removing any lint or whatever left from your tower after cleansing as well as any remaining makeup or dirt residues. Furthermore, it feels quite nice on the skin and I could say that it is even a bit hydrating. However, I do admit that it is not my favourite. Surprisingly, not this one and not the one means for oily skin worked the best on my oily skin. The best of the three micellar waters I used, I found it to be the SensiBio one. That does not mean the other are worthless or anything, not even for me personally. I did like them all, but the Semsibio one was the best as far as I am concerned. Once again though, not every products works for everyone and each one of us has a different skin type with different needs. With that being said, I do believe that the product is worth a try and this is an incredible opportunity to try it.

As for the other products, well I cannot really comment as I have not used them in years or for long enough to form an opinion on them. I am sure that most of you are pretty familiar with the Renaissance Gel Cleanser as it has been included in pretty much every beauty offer for a while there. Balance Me used to be a brand I loved, but I do admit that I moved on and never looked back once I discover that there is more to beauty than this brand. I was still a beginner at that time. And Murad, well Murad I love.

Overall, I believe this is a pretty great beauty box and worth having a second look at.

What do you think of the new OK! Magazine beauty box?

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