Net-a-Porter Summer Refresh Beauty Kit – worth £430+

I am back with a new offer from Net-a-Porter. It has been a short while since their last beauty collection, but I am honestly happy to see they are committed to this format and to releasing their own beauty savings kits. This new edition supposedly contains what we need for the summer season, at least that is what the Summer Refresh Beauty Kit name suggests. Is it though? Let’s have a look, shall we?

Summer Refresh Beauty Kit

U Beauty The Sculpt Arm Compound: 120ml/ 4.0fl.oz. – worth £94/€102

Susanne Kaufmann Cleansing Gel: 100ml/ 3.4fl.oz. – worth £32/€38

Philip Kingsley Swimcap Mask: 75ml/ 2.5fl.oz. – worth £23/€26.99

Sunday Riley C.E.O. Glow Vitamin C + Turmeric Face Oil: 15ml/ 0.5fl.oz.- worth £34/€40

Tata Harper Concentrated Brightening Serum: 9.8ml/ 0.33fl.oz.- worth £109/€129

Wander Beauty Unlashed Volume and Curl Mascara: 9g/ 0.31oz.- worth £25/€29.51

One Ocean Beauty Ultra Hydrating Algae Oil: 30ml/ 1.0fl.oz.; – worth £59/€59

Pursoma Après Savasana Soak: 113g/ 4.0oz.- worth £18/€21.25

Oribe Mystify Restyling Spray: 50ml/ 1.7fl.oz.- worth £19.50/€23

Slip hair ties – worth aprox (if two) £26/€30

Price and Value

The Summer Refresh Beauty Kit is priced at £85/€85. The value of this kit is around £439 or €498.75. Fingers crossed the values are correct and I did not add up apples and oranges. Argh.

The beauty kit is available for purchase here. (suggestion: if you can add more than one to your basket, team up with a friend as the delivery costs are quite high for international delivery. In my case they would be 25 euros… which puts a damper on things)


Honestly, I do not even know where to start. When it coms to this kit, determine whether it is worth it or not, perhaps more than in some other cases, comes to down to whether you need the products or you do not. My first impression was ‘wow’ which quickly changed to ‘hmm’ and then to ‘I kinda want this’.

The value price ratio is incredible. That is a fact as numbers do not lie. However, like I said above, the whole delivery fee is quite upsetting. Paying 25 euros for an 85 euros kit? There is something definitely wrong with that ratio. Fundamentally wrong, I would say.

Leaving aside the shipping fee, the products themselves are pretty appealing and yet, not. There are some incredible products here and some that I strongly believe should not be tried in any other way other than via a beauty gift with purchase/beauty kit. Let’s take U Beauty for example. The brand made the rounds on social media when it first launched. They also included many of the deluxe size products in beauty gifts and whatnot. However, personally I found their products to be not that great, to say the least. The Sculpt Arm Compound seems like such a great idea in theory, but does it really work? Would you be willing to find out by paying full price for it? Personally, my answer is no. Actually, it is heck no. Given its price and the price of the kit, I would go for the kit each and every single time.

Then we have the Susanne Kaufmann cleanser. Do I really need yet another cleanser? The answer is no. However, I loved every single items from Susanne Kaufman I tried, so who knows? Maybe I will finally find a cleanser I can look forward to using. Sure, I can think like this about every single product, but here I do have prior experience with the brand backing up some of my beliefs.

Then we have Philip Kingsley which is pretty alright. Most of their products are okay-ish leaning towards good and great. This particular product never really interested me. I have been hoarding some tubes for years and they are still there gathering dust. It might be worth it, but I need to use it in order to figure that out. It just seems like an extra step that I do not need even though in theory could be very beneficial.

Oribe…yeah, not going there. Luxurious brand, but we do not seem to get along all that well. I appreciate the art and the dedication as well as the marketing of the brand, but we are not compatible. It happens *shrug.

As for Wander Beauty, their stuff is pretty alright. Personally, I do not need another mascara I won’t use. However, I do appreciate that the only makeup item in this kit is one anyone can wear despite the current regulations in their country. This to me implies that some thought did go behind the creation of this kit and that the products included were not necessarily products that the retailer or brands could afford to spare. Yes, I do know that the actual cost of this kit for the retailer and brands is much lower but, hope you get my point.

Sunday Riley… This is another brand I do not particularly get along with. I do like that the product included in this kit is not necessarily the same as the ones we have seen in every other beauty deal. Could go either way.

As for the rest of the products, I have not tried them nor have I heard of some of the brands. Well, I did try the Slip hair ties and you can read my review here, but I was referring to the skincare products. I am actually rambling and talking/tying as fast as I can and as fast as the thoughts form. Haha.Sorry about that!

Overall, I do like this kit but you do need to want or need some of the products in order for it to be worth it. I am serious. This time more and than ever before, I shared my thought process in analysing this kit rather than even attempting to maintain some objectivity. Hopefully you found it useful or at least entertaining. But, yes, this kit can be a great addition to your beauty stash and the best deal you could get on some of the items included.

As for whether this kit is what you need for summer, well to some extent I guess it is. However, all of the items can be used whenever. These are my two cents and I will let you now debate whether you need or not to buy this kit.

Grab the Net-a-Porter Summer Refresh Beauty Kit here.

What do you think of this new beauty kit?

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