Miin Cosmetics K-Beauty Advent Calendar Review

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I have to say that I feel a tad nervous writing this review as not only it is the first advent calendar review-review that I am writing this year, but it just might be my last for 2021. I hope not, but not that many calendars caught my attention, well not enough for me to spend money on them, that is. So weird, right?

So for my first review of an advent calendar in 2021, I want to tell you a bit more about the Miin Cosmetics K-Beauty Advent Calendar. I know that I already shared the basic info on this calendar when it was first released, however I shared some comments based on the information available online and rather than on the product I got the chance to “try”/”use”.

Delivery of the Miin Cosmetics Advent Calendar

As you might know, Miin Cosmetics is a Spanish retailer that specialises in Korean beauty products. As such, the calendar was actually shipped from within the EU. This is one of the reasons why I decided to go for this one rather than alternative calendars. I knew that I would not have to worry about tax and duties or even about having to pick it up from the post office. For me, this was a huge plus and deciding factor.

As for the delivery itself, the calendar reached me in around 1.5 weeks. The calendar was shipped by DHL until it reached my destination country and then picked up by a local courier partner. I found this choice to be a bit strange, but I am familiar with the other courier as well so no issues arose from the exchange. Now, I am not sure whether the two companies merged at some point without me realising it or whether the local courier was acquired by DHL in the past year. We do have DHL locally so that is why I found it a bit weird that they passed on the parcel. It worked out fine regardless.

The parcel arrives in one piece and the outer box was sealed with some paper tape with “From Korea with Love” printed on it. Even though the outer packaging was plain, the tape made it way cuter.

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Customer service

What I am going to mention in this section is sort of related to the delivery aspects of things, but thought it was better suited as its own section so here it is.

After placing my order, I had not really heard anything for a few days even though it said on the website at checkout that the parcel would be shipped within 1-2 days. Never having ordered from Miin Cosmetics before, I was a tiny bit worried so I reached out to customer service by chat. And let me tell you that the customer service was super nice.

The chat is available on their website. While the prompt showed up in Spanish for me, I decided to write my message in English. It was not an issues though. The person I ended up speaking with understood English perfectly and was super kind and helpful. I did not feel like I was bothering anyone. That was super nice for a change.. Also, I did not have to wait long until I got to speak with someone. It look like 2 minutes max until someone replied. I got all the answers I needed from the conversation and more.

I was told there would be a small delay in shipping due to high volume of orders. That was fine by me; I just wanted to know what to expect.

After ending the chat, I got an email later that day that my order would be delayed. Had I received that emailed a bit sooner, I would have not reached out to customer service in the first place. I did wait for around 4 working days before reaching out. Getting an email even though I already knew what to expect was fine. Truly, one more email does not bother me and it was nice to have that confirmation in my inbox as well. However, yes, there is a however… the retailer reached out in CC to around 100 people who probably inquired the same thing. I would say that everyone who purchased the calendar, but I cannot know for sure, plus some of my friends had not received it so…Yeah. That is a bit problematic as they basically revealed the email addresses of 100 or so people. This is an issue as that is private information and goes against EU regulations. It is honestly a major no-no. I am aware that that the retailer is a small one and that mistakes happen which is why I did not bring it up, but I did find it annoying. Luckily no one did a reply-all. Small miracles!

Miin Cosmetics K-Beauty Advent Calendar Contents

  • Coconut cleansing oil, by Aromatica 20 ml
  • Multi-active hydrating cream, by Lapothicell 10 g
  • Cold press avocado nourishing scalp pack, by Rated Green 50 ml
  • Niacinamide & green tea eye serum, by Ondo Beauty 36.5 15 ml
  • Vinegar kombucha essence, by Juice to Cleanse 20 ml
  • Fresh peeling mask, by Shangpree 10 ml
  • Deep green tea toner, by Benton 30 ml
  • White rain perfumed hand cream, by Skybottle 15 ml
  • Houttuynia cordata care toner, by All Natural 30 ml
  • Real shea protein recharging leave-in treatment, by Rated Green 37.5 ml
  • Self aesthetic rose hydrogel lip patch, by G9SKIN 3 g
  • All day vitamin brightening & balancing facial serum, by Helloskin 5 ml
  • Collagen power firming eye cream, by Mizon 10 ml
  • Let’s carrot moisture cream, by Benton 12 g
  • Houttuynia cordata care cream, by All Natural 15 ml
  • Vitalizing rosemary concentrated essence, by Aromatica 30 ml
  • Viva la pink perfumed hand cream, by Skybottle 15 ml
  • Moist toner tissue + Velvet cleansing sheet, by Beaudiani 5 ml + 8 ml
  • Centella calming barrier cream, by Barr 15 ml
  • Charcoal & yuja bubble mask, by Ondo Beauty 36.5 25 ml
  • Relax day hand mask, by Village 11 Factory 15 g
  • White in milk toner, by G9SKIN 50 ml
  • Power wash, by Juice to Cleanse 10 x 12 g
  • Deep green tea lotion, by Benton 20 g
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miin cosmetics beauty advent calendar

Price and Value

The Miin Cosmetics Beauty Advent Calendar is priced at €109.95 and it is worth €185. Grab the calendar here.

Miin Cosmetics K-Beauty Calendar Box

Like I thought when I first saw the box, the box is reusable and I know for sure that I am going to keep mine. The box comes with four drawers, two of them deep in enough to store bigger items and two super thin, but perfect for small pieces of jewellery or items that needs to be laid flat, chunky necklaces or even sheet masks.

One thing that I would like to point to about the box is that IT IS PINK. The pictures on the Miin website nor mine for that matter do it justice. The box is not candy pink, but it is indeed more pink than shown in the photos. I shot my photos in natural light (well, the amount I could get in between these cloudy days), but still, the colour is not properly represented. It is a nice colour though.

The calendar also comes with a small leaflet where you can find more information about the products inside.

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Proper products reviews will follow this December (you know the drill), however I can tell you that I am beyond happy with the size and variety of the products. It is one thing to see them laid out on a list and a completely different thing to actually “play” with them :).

Price/value wise I know that this is not the best calendar out there, but it is a special calendar nonetheless. There are so many products and even brands that I have never heard of included and all the products are k-beauty products. Since I am such a huge fan of everything k-beauty these days, I am glad that I made the decision to purchase this Miin Cosmetics advent calendar.

Shop at Miin Cosmetics here by using my code to get a discount on your order.

Which calendars have you picked up this year?

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