Miin Cosmetics K-Beauty Advent Calendar – out now

I know that I am so behind with so many posts, but things have been super crazy at work lately. It is no excuse, but it did mean super long hours, more so than usual – spent the last couple of weeks working until 11PM or so. You can imagine. However, before catching up an lots of good stuff you probably already know about, I wanted to share some exciting new with you from Main Cosmetics. The Miin Cosmetics, a k-beauty retailer from Spain, advent calendar is back for another year. See below more details about the gorgeous advent calendar.

Miin Cosmetics K-Beauty Advent Calendar Contents

Coconut cleansing oil, by Aromatica 20 ml
Multi-active hydrating cream, by Lapothicell 10 g
Cold press avocado nourishing scalp pack, by Rated Green 50 ml
Niacinamide & green tea eye serum, by Ondo Beauty 36.5 15 ml
Vinegar kombucha essence, by Juice to Cleanse 20 ml
Fresh peeling mask, by Shangpree 10 ml
Deep green tea toner, by Benton 30 ml
White rain perfumed hand cream, by Skybottle 15 ml
Houttuynia cordata care toner, by All Natural 30 ml
Real shea protein recharging leave-in treatment, by Rated Green 37.5 ml
Self aesthetic rose hydrogel lip patch, by G9SKIN 3 g
All day vitamin brightening & balancing facial serum, by Helloskin 5 ml
Collagen power firming eye cream, by Mizon 10 ml
Let’s carrot moisture cream, by Benton 12 g
Houttuynia cordata care cream, by All Natural 15 ml
Vitalizing rosemary concentrated essence, by Aromatica 30 ml
Viva la pink perfumed hand cream, by Skybottle 15 ml
Moist toner tissue + Velvet cleansing sheet, by Beaudiani 5 ml + 8 ml
Centella calming barrier cream, by Barr 15 ml
Charcoal & yuja bubble mask, by Ondo Beauty 36.5 25 ml
Relax day hand mask, by Village 11 Factory 15 g
White in milk toner, by G9SKIN 50 ml
Power wash, by Juice to Cleanse 10 x 12 g
Deep green tea lotion, by Benton 20 g

Price and Value

The Miin Cosmetics Beauty Advent Calendar is priced at €109.95 and it is worth €185. Plus, you get free shipping (via DHL). The best part from all of this though is that the advent calendar ships internationally and that it comes from an Europe based retailer so no unending delivery terms nor any unexpected costs.

Grab the calendar here.


I have ben eyeing this retailer ever since last year when they released the previous version of the beauty advent calendar. Lately, I have been checking their website more and more as I have been meaning to try Aromatica and they are the only retailer I could find that shipped their products from the EU. Of course, there is also the British Tonic15 that carries the brand, but there was a time when they suspended shipping to the EU, plus I do not know what the tax situation is like when it comes to them. I did not end up placing an order for Aromatica though, but this calendar has plenty of it so it is a great opportunity for me to try the brand. And try I will. Yes, that is right. This is the first advent calendar for 2021 that I purchased.

I know that the Miin Cosmetics advent calendar does not have the highest value out there nor the best price/value ratio, however it is the only K-Beauty advent calendar that I can easily get my hands on without any additional trouble. Plus, Miin is a retailer that I can then go back to if things go well. I won’t deny that I love the look of the other k-beauty advent calendars out there, but with suspended express shipping (not so express, but rather ensured courier and not postal service delivery) they are no options as far as I am concerned. This one was.

Content wise, the brands included are some of the best known k-beauty brands out there, especially when it comes to western consumers. There might be some more obscure beauty brands that locals use and that we may not know about as they have not made their way to Europe or the US. I cannot say for sue, but what I can say is that brands such as Benton, Juice to Cleanser, Aromatica are indeed well known and loved. In addition to these brands, there are quite a few other brands that are not as heavily advertised to western consumers thus making this calendar a great opportunity to discover them. I am sorry, but I am super excited as I am a bit obsessed with K-Beauty. The most unexpected products tend to work better than £££ luxury products you can get from somewhere else. They are not miraculous or anything of the sort, but they do work.

Overall, while not a calendar with an exceptional price/value ratio, this Miin Cosmetics has truly caught my interest.

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What do you think of the k-beauty Miin Cosmetics beauty advent calendar?

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  1. O

    I like the box, could be used to store jewellery.
    As for the price/value ratio, maybe it’s just honest. And repurchases are affordable. Luxury calendars have values inflated by products like serums for £100 in retail, which I highly doubt are worth more than 25% of the price. And of course retailers are not just investing £500 in every calendar sold for £200

    1. Nana

      True that. It is pretty obvious that all these offers still make a profit for the retailers. That is one of the reason why I started advertising so many beauty offers. Why should people pay full price for something when it is beyond obvious that every single retailer still makes a profit even if they sell the kit for 30% or the supposed value fo the products.

  2. O

    I recently came across Stylevana, they will have a calendar too, with a Memebox brand item (a set of blushes in shades that most likely won’t look flattering on my face). Made me feel nostalgic. I bought Memeboxes in 2013, it was really something back then, shipping to my country and all

    1. Nana

      I know. It is one of the calendars I have not shared yet, but it is on my list. Sadly, that one does not ship to my country or it is not clear which service they use for shipping. Anything that gets domestic postal services once reaches my country is not an option for me as I would need to pick it up from the post office and not any regular post office but one with customs services… it is a traumatic experience to say the least. That is why I went for this one instead.

      Oh MeMeBox. I always wanted one, but shipping was never an option. In such a connected world, it is quite sad that we cannot have whatever we want/are curious about delivered all over the world. It helps our pockets sure, but personally I find it interesting trying out new things. Did you like it? What made you give it up?

      1. O

        Memebox stopped having their boxes at a great price/value and stopped shipping to my country. I bought plenty of those boxes, unfortunately later part of the stuff I gave away and part I had to throw away. Still, introduced me to a lot of skincare and generally funky products and ingredients that were new to me. It was an amazing novelty, because here even now we don’t get great offers from retailers and back then K-Beauty wasn’t well known and even less accessible. Ah, feels really nostalgic. Memeboxes were so cool. I just bought too many and it didn’t last long.
        As for Stylevana, I saw prices in EUR so I assumed they ship within the EU. Customs, never fun. After my post-Brexit shoe purchase I’m so discouraged. And if I had to go to where our customs unit in my city is, I would refrain too. Don’t think I would want any goods so much that it would be worth the effort and the trip.

      2. Nana

        Yes, same here. Glad you managed to enjoy MeMeBox for a while, especially when the whole beauty scene wasn’t as developed as it is now. I am assuming now you can find more K Beauty products no? I mean, bigger retailers carry k beauty imported from PL in my country. It would be weird and yet sort of expected to not find them locally….

  3. O

    Now it’s easy, and I can get really nice offers too, so now Memebox wouldn’t be such a craze for me. And I’m starting to less want to try out funky products. I’ve tried plenty already, I have my routine and I know what products I need, which ones I’d be simply too lazy to use or what I’d forget about, which textures I like, etc. I do have more time for my beauty routines because of working remotely which is something I’m pleased about, so I can put a dent in my face sheet mask stash, I should be something below 30 now. There was a promo, and well, similarly to your Ziaja shower gel purchase, I couldn’t just pass it by. But normally 10 steps was unattainable and I’d skip so many products.
    I checked the contents of the Miin calendar more carefully now, and I think I like it best from the available k-beauty ones. Well, Yes Style is a no go because of customs, Stylevana has too much makeup for me (on top of that the blush that wouldn’t look good on me) and I think there was another one I don’t even remember. Ah, now I really have to sleep on it. And there’s the jewellery box aspect too!
    As for the price/value, I’m thinking that I care more about really liking almost every product in a calendar. That’s why I’m not interested in the Cult Beauty’s one for instance and I’m happy to pay more for I.e. Selfridges and get “less value ” or buy a €100 calendar with cool products I can later buy whenever I like. Like Augustinus Bader, it’s ubiquitous, unpurchasable at its normal price for the majority of people, and it’s nothing to write home about in terms of effects and quality.

    1. Nana

      So glad to hear that someone dislikes AB as much as I do. Everyone raves about it relentlessly…. Same with me this year actually. I already have so many products from the calendars, especially the expensive ones and am in no hurry to replace the ones I have emptied. When I consider this aspect, there is not that much value left for me in them anyway. I am more open to trying new things and discover products I might have missed otherwise such as with Miin. While I love trying K beauty, it is not exactly cheap and some brands are not available locally. This gives me a chance to try more from brands and then decide to get the full sized version or not. Plus, I am more inclined to get K Beauty full sizes than any other kind of beauty products.

      It is great that you have a routine and know exactly what works and what does not. I am sort of the same, but I do get some products to try and see if maybe I can find something better or more affordable even. Plus there is the blog 🙂

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