Using More, Spending Less Challenge Results – September 2021

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A couple of days late, but I am back with the report of my spending for the month of September. While I know that some of you hate spoilers, I cannot help myself. One of my goals for the year or in general really is to not beat around the bush and just come out and say it. It does not always work, but I am getting there so…This was a boring month really. However, I do hope you will keep on reading as well as sharing your own results down below in the comments section.


  • Stradivarius Hand Cleaner Spray Cherry Jam – £4.48
  • Stradivarius Hand Cleaner Spray Vanilla Plum – £4.48
  • Coco & Eve Glow Figure Smoothie Shower Gel – Tropical Mango – £14.32
  • Coco & Eve Glow Figure Smoothie Shower Gel – Dragon Fruit & Lychee – £14.32
  • Inkey List PCA Bond Repair Hair Treatment – £10.39

Total purchases: £47.99

Allowance From Empties

  • Stradivarius Hand Cleaner Spray in Green Apple – £4.59
  • BeautyPie Super Healthy Skin Deluxe Moisture Body Creme – £15.05
  • BeautyPie Triple Hyaluronic Acid & Lipopeptide Serum – £16.96
  • Avalon Organics Tea Tree Scalp Treatment Shampoo 325ml – £7.1
  • Augustinus Bader The Cream 15ml – £65
  • Glow Hub Calming Hemp & Jojoba Toner – £9
  • Odacite Eye Contour Serum Concentrate (Baobab + Sarsaparilla) 5ml – £43
  • REVOX Just Collagen Amino Acids + HA Moisturiser – £4.60
  • Stradivarius Hand Cleaner Spray in Vanilla Plum – £.4.59
  • Ziaja Hand and Body Wash 400ml – £1.93

In September, I used up £171.82 worth of product which resulted in an allowance of £85.91.

Allowance from Posts

I got £1 in allowance from my one Instagram post that I shared in September. This is definitely something I need to work on more…

Since this is going to be one of shortest posts of this kind that I shared thus far, let’s do the math and then talk some more. Is that alright with you?

£85.91(Allowance from Empties) + £1 (Allowance from Posts) – £47.99 (September’s Spending)-£2089.05 (Previous Closing Balance) = – £2050.13

Math wise, I am doing a bit better. The overall negative balance has gone up (down?) a bit so that is great, however I am a bit disappointed that I haven’t gotten below the 2k mark. The lack of reviews is deeply felt. I know that you guys miss them and so do I. However, there have been so many new launches and I obviously did a poor job for the past month or so at keeping up. You really do not want to see what my inbox looks like right now!

The plan is to try harder in October and share at least a few reviews in between all the amazing new beauty offers. After all, this blog is not a beauty offers blog even if it is starting to look more and more like one, but rather meant to be a publication that offers tips on how to maximise the value you get from all things beauty – how to get more product for less, where to shop for the best offers, where to find the best beauty brands especially those that are not easily available, which products work and which do not, but also which can actually make life easier without having to give up on beauty altogether and still have time to take care of all the things that life throws at you. A bit ambitious, no?

Purchase wise, I do not regret anything. I spent less than £50 on beauty for the entire month of September which I find very acceptable. I replaced my emptied hand sanitisers from Stradivarius (prefer the ones from Pull & Bear, but they are sold out where I am at) which I use to clean my phone every single day. However, I also placed an order at Cult Beauty when I got a discount code. At that time, I admit that I was a bit upset.

While many changes took place since, I do not regret my choice to place that order at all. It was not truly an emotional buy though. Yes, I was upset, but I did not place the order to make myself feel better. It did help, but I actually got some products that were on my list and got them for less plus I also received a gift with purchase consisting of a full sized product that I have been meaning to get for a very long time. Due to some unexpected changes and circumstances, the order ended up being a celebratory gift rather than a compensatory one, but still there are no regrets in regard to it. I did not even overthink my decision at all. It is quite rare when that happens as I am an over thinker by nature.

In terms of empties, I am glad with the products I managed to clear out of my stash. I am going to miss the BeautyPie products which I can hardly replace these days, but the Body Cream I have a replacement for and the serum was one of the very few Beauty Pie products that did not work for me. I am also glad that I managed to get rid of one of the Augustinus Bader moisturisers as they are so expensive and yet have a short shelf life as far as I am concerned. The products start smelling off after a while from my experience and it would have been a shame to throw the cream away. I also managed to use up one of the Avalon Organics Shampoos I have from my days of shopping at the WholeFoods on High Street Kensington on a regular basis… It was time for the shampoo to go, but now that I reused it after so long, I will miss having it in my stash.

Okay, so this short article turned out to be longer than I intended and this is after deleting several sections. I truly meant to keep it short and sweet this time, but I guess that I am unable to do so.

In terms of expectations for October and beyond, I do not have any really. Look, sure I want to maybe stick to the max -2500 mark, but I am just going to go a bit more with the flow and try to enjoy the upcoming months. While it is not impossible for me to still reach the levels of spending from the previous year, I have a long way to go which leaves me some space to still make this challenge a success. If there is something I really want, have a use for and can get it, then I want to enjoy it and not feel guilty about it (not that guilty about at least).

How did you do in September?

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7 thoughts on “Using More, Spending Less Challenge Results – September 2021

  1. Well done! 🙂
    My stash got smaller this month too. I also gifted quite a bit of makeup to a friend. The only new stuff in September was perfume from Micallef. No calendars yet, and I’m pondering on N-a-P (if they ship), Selfridges or Harrod’s (but probably it will be expensive, shipping last year was £30 and now it will be +£10 for hazmat shipping because of a set of Floral Street samples that costs a couple of pounds itself…)

    1. At Selfridges you should try Selfridges+. I shared a post about it around a fe so the ago… as far as I know the option is still available for EU. £10 for an entire year of standard shipping if you are in the EU or next day shipping if you are in the UK. Have yet to come across any items that did not qualify for the service and used it quite a bit.

      Same as me regarding the calendars! However, I did get one but in October so that is why it is not on the list.

      good job on the stash! 🙂

      1. Oh, which calendar did you get? If you’ve already shared the info, I’m sorry I missed it!

  2. Now I’m thinking I could get it too, I want some cool k-beauty in my life, and I could use the box for jewellery. I have a confession, Nana, I ordered a jewellery calendar! From Paul Valentine. It will have some cosmetics, from what I saw a mini Rituals shower and a mini mist (both won’t last a week of daily usage, so I don’t really count it) and something else, but since it’s additions to jewellery I don’t treat it as a beauty calendar and don’t really care, because I wanted some discreet jewellery to start wearing and the price seems decent for 12 pieces including necklaces and bracelets

    1. In my experience the mini Ritual shower mouse (I think that is the one) actually lasts quite a while. It is surprising, but you need so little of it…those are cute calendars! I haven’t shared them yet as I could not find the exact contents 🙂 which one did you get and which colour?

  3. I got the one with 12 jewellery pieces (I think PV this year has only this one) in silver. There are some YouTube unboxings in German, I watched half of it not to spoil everything but the first few items looked like what I have in mind for my professional look. On the website they mention the kinds of products only, but share what brands

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