Pixi by Petra Clarity Toner Review

It has been a while since I last talked about Pixi. I keep saying this, aren’t I? You know how it is. With so many brands out there and so many beauty offers that I keep on sharing on here even though we created a second platform for that… Anyway, it takes a while to get back to certain brands. That is weird, particularly in this case as Pixi is a brand that strangely enough always has a place on my vanity. I said “strangely” as my enthusiasm and my rose coloured glasses have long since come off where this brand is concerned and yet, I keep going back.

I was also young once and naive. Okay, that was a tad dramatic even for me, but truth be told, I am always a bit more dramatic in June, especially as my birthday looms closer. What I was trying to say before is that I also got super excited about Pixi in the beginning. The brand was one of the first few I started buying into when I started becoming more serious about my beauty routine. Back then, the brand was something different. It came out with the Glow Tonic (a pretty okay product) and it helped the brand became what it is today. Ever since, Pixi started expanding their tonic range as well as created additional products around the “key” ingredients in those tonics. Okay, this was a bit strange, but hope you get what I am trying to convey.

With each new launch though, my enthusiasm for the brand started dying down a bit. I loved the ideas behind the products, but in practice the products did not deliver quite like I expected them to. You might think I am being ridiculous right now and yes, I may be. I do have very high expectations of my beauty products and yes, I am totally aware that no product is a miracle worker. It could seem absurd what I just said and I am fully aware of that. However, the more products you try, you come to realise that some products do deliver better than others and with so many choices out there, why not get the best you can get? Particularly, when two products are in the same price range and their effectiveness is vastly different, doesn’t it make more sense to go with the better of the two? I know we never really talked about this even though I did plan on it, but this is how I consider each of the products I review on here or include in my routine.

Don’t get me wrong, each toner from Pixi has certain benefits, some that I felt on my skin to an extent or another, but generally speaking I feel you can do better.

All of the above sort of acts like an intro to this review and it might be a bit odd to talk now about the Clarity Toner, however for those of you who wish to try this particular toner, here is what you need to know:

The Clarity Toner from Pixi is not bad, bad. The toner is feels really nice on the skin and it removes any scuff left over from your towel as well as any product you may have not rinsed off properly after cleansing. No judging here, it can happen. That there is something I have an issue with, the fact that I even had to mention that there will be no judging going on. It should be a given and yet we need to spell it out. We as a society should definitely start talking about or rather normalise certain things. It would solve so many problems.

Back to the Clarity Toner from Pixi now. So yes, the toner feels really nice on the skin except that I did not feel like it provided more value than that for me personally. The toner is formulated using several acids (Lactic acid, Glycolic acid, Salicylic acid…) and yet it is recommended for all skin types. Acids usually do not work well on sensitive skin types, however this toner just might. The effect of those acids on my oily, acne-prone skin were pretty much lost. I am not recommending to go heavy on acids, definitely not, but when I am using a product I do wish for it to provide a visible effect, you know, just a little something. This toner did not. In all fairness, it is a toner and not a serum or at least an essence, but to me it felt pretty much like an enhanced water. However, since the acids were not felt at all, it might actually provide more value to those who typically cannot stand the ingredients and still wish to be able to benefit from them. Caution is advised regardless.

I can honestly say that I did not experience any clarifying benefits, none that I could tell at least. There was just a bit of toning maybe, but overall this is not a toner I can see myself repurchasing. It feels okay on the skin and all that, jut cannot say I got enough value from it. Please do remember though that this is my personal experience and it might not be the same for you. For me this product is a skip.

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Have you ever tried this toner before? Any comments?

Please do share your experience with the rest of the “class” so that we can all learn from each other. Thank you!

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  1. O

    I’ve had Rose and Milky tonics from Pixi, none left any impression. In terms of hydrating toners the one I use now, Elemis apricot, does feel like something on my face. The Pixi ones like you said feel like an enhanced water.
    As for Elemis, I don’t recommend because they are no longer cruelty free, albeit the quality is definitely there.

    I also have another product from Pixi, In-Steam Facial, that provides a warming effect and nothing else. So yeah, my experience with Pixi is that it doesn’t do much for me (sensitive skin) and I will not buy anything from them anymore. Will use if I get something in a GWP or a calendar, of course. But no hype.

    1. Nana

      It is too bad their products sound good in theory and are a let down in practice. 🙁 thank you for sharing your experience. It is good to know that it is not just me.

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