LookFantastic x Kate Somerville Limited Edition Box – Out Now

Kate Somerville joined forces with LookFantastic to bring us a new limited edition beauty box. I for one, am excited to both see what this new box contains, but also about the collaboration itself. Kate Somerville is a good skincare brand whose products are effective, nice to use and mostly affordable, especially since you can always find something on offer. The collaboration come as a bit of a surprise due to that exact reason, but I’m pretty happy about it regardless. Okay, enough babbling. We have a box to look at. Shall we?

LookFantastic x Kate Somerville Limited Edition Box Contents

  • Goat Milk Moisturizing Cleanser- 120ml- worth £34
  • ExfoliKate® Intensive Treatment- 60ml- worth £74
  • Eradikate® Blemish Treatment- 30ml- worth £24
  • DeliKate Recovery Cream- 15 ml- worth £10.86
  • KateCeuticals Total Repair Cream- 2ml- worth £0.60

Price and Value

The new limited edition beauty box from LookFantastic is priced at £65 and has a value of over £143.

The box can be purchase here: United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Romania, Spain and other countries. To check whether the box is availble in your country, simply click on the button at the top of the screen on the LookFantastic platform and select your country. You can start from the UK link included here and if the box is available in your country, it should keep you on the box page once you make the switch.


As I said in the intro, I did not expect this collaboration as Kate Somerville always has amazing deals going on. However, it never hurts to explore different marketing opportunities so I guess it does make sense after all. Plus, this is an offer that is availble for international shipping and as such much more accessible to consumers all over the globe.

As for the products, I only used two of them – the Eradikate ones. The Eradikate Intensive Treatment is a product I cannot say I have an opinion on. I know that many people were raving about this one product, but I do not get it. The product is no bad by any means, but it just failed to evoke the same level of excitement in me as it has in others. It isa product I use from time to time, but one I keep forgetting about which is pretty telling. Again, it might not be the same for everyone, but personally I was not impressed. Maybe one day my opinion will change, but at this moment in time this is where I stand.

The Blemish Treatment however was one of the first products purchased from the brand and the first product of its kind that I ever got. The product was incredibly good and worked really well on my pimples, but sadly I did not know how to use it properly when I first got it. I learnt the hard way that you should not mix it or shake it. It is embarrassing especially since I am pretty sure it says somewhere on the bottle to not do what I did, but you know how it goes.. we learn as we live. Strangely enough the product did not get ruined by all the moving it did during the shipping process. Anyway, bygones. However, yes, this is a product that is worth a try.

As for the Goat Milk Cleanser, now this is a product I did not get the chance to try. It has been on my wishlist ever since it was first released. The product is formulated using goat milk which is an ingredient I came to love as it is ver hydrating and nourishing. Unlike many other cleanses, including the others from Kate Somerville particularly the EradiKate one, I expect the Goat Milk Cleanser to be gentle to the skin and to leave it comfortable after use rather than make it feel tight or stripped.

I haven’t tried the DeliKate Recovery Cream either so I do not have any comments on it, but it does seem like an interesting product to try.

Okay, so the big items of this box seem interesting and/or make the box a good deal to shop. However, did they really need to include the sample? I don’t know why but I find it a bit offensive. Even Kate Somerville orders come with multiple samples and some might not necessary be 2ml, but bigger. This one included here feels like an afterthought. Had they included 3-5 samples, it would have looked way better.

Overall, the box looks pretty alright and it provides a great opportunity to explore more products from Kate Somerville at a decent price. It is a viable choice and let’s leave it at that. Personally, I am going to skip this one as the two products I do want are worth less than the price of the box, but do think of your own needs and wants when making the decision.

What do you think of this new collaboration?

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