Mr Porter’s Grooming Advent Calendar – out now

If the Net-a-Porter Beauty Advent Calendar is not the right choice for you, then you might also want to check out the Mr Porter’s Grooming Advent Calendar instead. Even if you are happy with the beauty edition, you might want to check out the grooming alternative for the man in your life. You will surely want to steal a few things here and there and keep them for yourself. Sharing is caring after all, no? Think of it like a bonding experience. Seriously now, the Mr. Porter’s Grooming Advent Calendar is truly something worth checking out so have a look below. You won’t regret it.

Mr Porter’s Grooming Advent Calendar Contents

  • 111Skin Cryo ATP Sports Booster (*updated), 20ml – Full Size – worth £85
  • Augustinus Bader The Rich Cream, 15ml – worth £65
  • Claus Porto Cerina Scented Candle in Brise Marine, 70g – worth £14.25
  • Dr. Barbara Sturm Anti-Pollution Drops, 30ml – Full Size – worth £110
  • Dr. Dennis Gross B3 Adaptive Superfoods Stress SOS Eye Cream, 15ml – Full Size – worth £65
  • Grown Alchemist Anti-Bacterial Hand Cream, 65ml – Full Size – worth £18
  • Horace Superfatted Soap Bar in Italian Bergamot & Peppermint, 2 x 125g – worth £6 x 2
  • Jaxon Lane Bro Sheet Mask x 2 – worth £12.5
  • Malin + Goetz Bergamot Deodorant, 73g – Full Size – worth £19
  • Susanne Kaufmann Mallow Blossom Bubble Bath, 100ml – worth £18.8
  • Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser, 50ml – worth £30
  • The Grey Men’s Skincare Overnight Sleeping Mask, 50ml – Full Size – worth £65

Mr Porter’s Grooming Advent Calendar Price and Value

The Mr Porter’s Grooming Advent Calendar is priced at £120 and has a reported value of around £570. Based on my calculations though, the value seems to be around £514.55. (update)

The calendar is available for purchase exclusively at Mr. Porter here.


Sc**w the men in my life, I want this calendar for myself. Okay that was a bit harsh, but I was totally kidding. However, I do want this calendar for myself. The 2021 edition is incredible content wise and it is perhaps one of the most gender neutral ones from Mr Porter so far. I am no stranger to getting grooming advent calendars (i.e The Other Advent Calendar from Liberty), but the Mr Porter seemed a bit more targeted at men than alternatives. The products above though are mostly unisex.

The only products that at a first glance I would be doubtful about are the Jaxon Lane Bro Sheet Masks and the The Grey Men’s Skincare Overnight Sleeping Mask. However, I did check and the Jaxon Lane Bro Sheet Masks seem like products I would gladly give a shot to. They are formulated using amazing ingredients that help with hydration and de-puffing such as caffeine, hyaluronic acid, peptides and more. I honestly see no reason why not to use them, but I am not a specialist. The only “man” specific thing about these masks seems to be the marketing. The Grey Men’s Skincare Overnight Sleeping Mask I am a bit more doubtful about I admit, but who knows… I would be willing to give it a try or just gift it for Christmas if I would end up getting this calendar for myself.

There are a few other products that might not be enjoyed by women as such due to the more masculine scents, but I did not want to include them above as the product itself can be considered unisex IMO – one is a soap and the other is candle… Need I say more?

Overall, this Mr Porter’s Grooming Advent Calendar would make a great gift for any man who loves taking care of himself, but also a great way to introduce your man to skincare if they are still in the phase of thinking that a soap is a miracle product that does everything. However, once again, this would also be a great calendar to share and one I would even recommend getting for yourself. I am seriously considering it.

Grab the Mr Porter Advent Calendar here.

What do you think of the Mr Porter Advent Calendar?

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13 thoughts on “Mr Porter’s Grooming Advent Calendar – out now

  1. Just ordered this in a rush as have been wanting it for ages, but checked the Mr Porter website properly afterwards and am dismayed with product sizes. Tata Harper cleanser is 50ml not 125ml and candle is 70g not 270g. SK Mallow bath is 100ml, which I know you have correct in your info, but all the previous publicity I’ve seen had it listed as 250ml. These are the products I most wanted and they are less than HALF the size I was expecting. I read many posts about this being 12 FULL SIZES! And worth £570. Well it definitely isn’t 12 full sizes, and when I get it and check the products, I’m going to add up the value of the contents… So cross with this company, as the Net a Porter calendar has also turned out to be different to advertised (initially was said to be £225, then suddenly went up to £255, plus the Omorovicza product looks tiny and not the full size that’s referred to in the marketing… These calendars might still work out to be worth buying, but it leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth when you get less than expected, or pay more for it 🙁

    1. It is incredibly disappointing and off-putting dare I say. Thank you so much for bringing this issue up. My post went up as scheduled and did not notice this myself until now. I am so sorry for being misleading. I added the values for each product now and added them up and actually the total value is less than reported – £514 rather than £570. Again, I am so sorry. I cannot believe that I missed this.

      As for Mr Porter and the retailer overall, this is not the treatment one would expect from a luxury retailer. It seems like more and more retailers are letting us down these days 🙁

      1. Please don’t apologise, this isn’t your fault, all the publicity I’ve seen has been wrong, they obviously released the wrong information. Yours is actually the closest I’ve seen to being correct. I’ve thought about cancelling, but I’ve been imagining having it for so long now I don’t know if I can let go of it. The overall value is still good, it’s more that the three products I most wanted are less than half the size I was expecting… I’ve been obsessed with candles recently but a 70g candle is very different to 270g! When it arrives I will contact Mr Porter customer services. I’ve taken screenshots of several other publicity material where it says they are all full sizes. I’ll see if they’ll give me any sort of discount, but I doubt it will be more than 10%, and I’d rather have the full sizes than a £12 refund 🙁 Less important, but still annoying, the 111skin booster is sports not anti blemish too. they really messed up with their publicity on this…

      2. Yes, unfortunately I doubt they will take into consideration the screenshots at all. They will claim that the bloggers were in the wrong of something like that, unless you can provide information published by magazines and even then…

        I know exactly what you mean about the candle! It was too good to be true 🙁

        On the other hand, I am happy to see that I am not the only one imagining what it would be like once a certain advent calendar/gift/kit etc reaches me and I get to “play” with it.

        Is this the only calendar that caught your attention this year?

      1. No… I have to admit I also got the Space NK one as I had some NDulge points AND have just bought the Net a Porter one! Argh! We will be living on cornflakes until Christmas! I do sell a few of the things from the calendars on ebay to help offset the cost of the ones I want to keep though…

      2. That is great! Do enjoy your calendars as well though!

        Christmas only comes once a year.

        Personally, I only got the Miin Cosmetics one so far, but I do have my eyes on Net a Porter as well. I am trying to cut down this year 😅 (2019: 14, 2020: 6) I have way too many products left from previous years. I am more into kits and beauty boxes this time around to be honest. But still should cut down a bit more.

  2. Oh… I think Net a Porter have already sold out 🙁 That’s what it looks like on the website. It’s only been a few hours since it was released so maybe there weren’t many in stock. Unless they get more in. Yes, I keep saying I will cut down but find it so hard. I am going to have to put myself on a proper ban soon, I find these offers and products so hard to resist. It’s a bit of a problem to be honest…

    1. I know 🙁 that is one of the reasons why I am doing the monthly challenges and share them publicly. To feel more accountable for my purchases or at least to motivate myself to actually review the products 🤣

      Oh no. Personally , I am looking to get the EU one which has not yet been released. Identical, just priced in EUR . Hopefully they will have that one available

  3. Ah didn’t know that. ok, good luck! And I think you’re doing really well with your monthly challenges, keep it up! I have just got such an addictive personality (eg had to stop drinking years ago as that became a problem) that the only time I manage to have any control over my beauty purchases is when I don’t go on shopping websites AT ALL. Unfortunately, I’ve not managed to stay away from them much recently. I sell some stuff on ebay to try and recoup some losses but it’s a real pain to be honest and takes too much time. Will keep on trying to stop though! Have enough skincare etc to last me a good couple of years!

    1. I am sure you will succeed and I meant it. If you’ve manage to stay away from other stuff, you know it can be done. The fact that you realised that you need to maybe take a closer look at your stash and stay away is a good first step. This is one of the reasons why I embarked on the journey of keeping closer track myself. Now no longer all my money got son beauty, but also manage to save some cash and still enjoy some goodies every once and again. Good luck and if you ever want to talk about it (talking to a stranger can be easier sometimes), feel free to reach out at any time.

      1. Ah thank you so much, what a lovely response 🙂 I will try and remember that and take it on board. Yes, you’re right, I’ve managed it with other obsessive behaviour so let’s hope I can do it with this. I do feel the internet in general is really addictive though, many people struggle with it to some degree, I am just at a bit of an extreme… Thank you again and let’s hope you manage to get the N a P calendar when it releases to the EU so you can enjoy your treat after being so careful and putting some real thought into it x

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