net a porter beauty advent calendar 2021

Net-a-Porter Beauty Advent Calendar: EU & ROW Update

This is not really the kind of post you usually can find on this blog, however this situation truly required it. As you may know, the Net-a-Porter Beauty Advent Calendar lunched on the 11th of October, but the calendar was only available in limited numbers and just for selected countries. This was disappointing for everyone else who was anxiously waiting to grab the calendar, myself included.

I have no expectations that you will read the news here first, however life can often get in the way, stuff happens and we get distracted with one thing or another so I also wanted to do my part and use my free time and refresh the website until the calendar launches in the EU as well as ROW. While I do have my own interest in grabbing the calendar and finding out about the launch, if I already spent so much time checking the website why not share? Sharing is caring after all :).

With that being said, the Net-a-Porter is finally available in more countries, including the EU. Check it out here.

If you are curious to read my thoughts on this calendar, then have a read here if you haven’t already.

Shop here.

Are you grabbing the latest version of the Net-a-Porter Advent Calendar?

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  1. O

    Oh wow, that’s unexpected. I have forgotten about it amidst all unavailable, sold out and decided-not-to-buy-and-eventually-sold-out stuff.
    I was *this* close to getting today the Armani Beauty calendar (lol, I know right? Really had a moment of an eclipse) but it had sold out before I decided against buying anything after all. And now I don’t know, I really liked this one (NaP), but now I feel like I don’t want to exchange this amount of money for goods I don’t so much need (ok, don’t need at all, and although I’d like to try some products out, by the time I reach for them, it will be the season for advent calendars 2022).
    What are you going to do?

    1. Nana

      Not sure. Wake up at three am and purchase it? 😂 our national holiday is the 1st of December and the day before is also a holiday so even if I would get it, I would worry about not having it in time to open it for the gram (like I ever did anything for instagram…) kidding. In all seriousness, I might wake up and shop at three AM. It seems like it is becoming a trend, but on one hand I also adopted the no opening method so it might be a while. Also, spent a fortune on BF deals both beauty and software so there is that.

      Like you, I wanted it but it has been so long that I am having doubts now.

      1. O

        Why 3 am? It’s available now, at least for PL.
        Oh, what software did you buy? (Not asking about the beauty deals because I’m assuming you’ll make a post)

      2. Nana

        You are right. If the light collaborates. Some plugins for some of my blogs, new hosting service for said blogs and a website builder framework.

        It is available for me as well. I wake up at that hours some nights and if I cannot fall asleep I start googling random stuff until I usually end up on something interesting 🙃 and since I need to fall asleep I go for it

        Have you decided?

  2. O

    Not buying 🙂
    And you’ve inspired me to keep a separate, certain amount for shopping. Actually I should have several such baskets to have a better control over my expenses

    Ah, I sometimes go online places in the middle of the night too 🙂 shopping included

  3. O

    Enjoy! <3 I hope it arrives on time!
    Speaking of shopping, I've just got (another) tea calendar, a Christmas coffee gift set, 2 chocolate calendars and I signed up for restock news on a haircare calendar from a local (cool) brand that's focused on specialized haircare products (they're called OnlyBio), so yeah…

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