LookFantastic: 5 Mystery Boxes Offer + Review

As a beauty enthusiast, I was excited to see LookFantastic’s recent promotion of 5x mystery beauty boxes. This is an incredible deal – you get 5 boxes for £50/€50! I decided to take advantage of this offer and share my thoughts on the experience before recommending it to you.

If it is such a great offer, why the delay?

This is not a new offer. I am sure that many of you have seen it before. However, the reason why I have yet to share this one is not only because I haven’t been great at sharing posts on time lately (maybe it did play a role), but primarily because of my previous experience with these offers.

The last time I went for the mystery boxes, I ended up being super disappointed as I received three of the same box for the 3 mystery boxes deal I went for. They had the same barcode on the outside, so it would have been super easy for the person who shipped them to check and make sure one did not end up with multiples. Maybe they only had one box left, or maybe they did not care, or it was a fluke. I do not know. However, it left a bad taste, so I have avoided talking about this offer ever since.

The offer is really great, though. You get £250+ worth of products for £50. I did not want to go forever without sharing this offer with you. So I tried again.

My experience with the current 5x mystery beauty boxes from LookFantastic

I just ordered the 5 mystery boxes that are part of the current deal. The shipping was fast – I received my boxes the next day even if they did ship them from a different EU country than the one I reside in. The delivery was done via DHL, and everything went smoothly, as it usually does when DHL is involved.

In this current order, I received the December 2021 and February, March, April and May 2022 boxes. Yes, I received 5 different boxes, which is why I finally felt ready to share this offer from LookFantastic.

Of course, there is no guarantee you will receive the same five boxes, but personally, I am more than happy with the ones I received and the fact that they are all different. There have been no product duplicates or anything of the sort.

Plus, the contents themselves include the likes of Avant Skincare which I adore but it is too expensive to purchase, Elemis, Sachajuan which I never got around to purchasing more of despite falling in love with the brand early on and have been relying on products included in offers. I also received products from Molton Brown, Philip Kingsley, and ESPA, but then again, what is an LF deal without these brands being featured?

I am quite happy with the product I received and the fact that I haven’t really tried the products included in my mystery boxes with very few exceptions. I am looking forward to trying out all these goodies and sharing my reviews will all of you.

Personally, I am happy with my decision to get the 5 mystery box deal and with the products, I received as a result. If you are interested, the offer is ongoing, so you can still grab it. The details are below.

Where can get the 5 mystery box deal from?

What do you think of this deal? How was your experience with the deal?

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