Wild Refillable Natural Deodorant in Coconut and Vanilla Review

In recent years, more and more people have been reaching for natural and environmentally-friendly beauty products, and the Wild Refillable Natural Deodorant in Coconut and Vanilla is no exception. This innovative product piqued my curiosity and was hard to ignore, given its growing popularity and its promise of a cleaner, eco-conscious personal care routine.

Seeing it so often on social media without having a direct and easy way to shop it played a role in me wanting to try it even more. When I first started seeing it, I was still in the UK full time but it was sold only on the Wild website so I wasn’t as keen, but now things have changed. The brand took off and as it become more widely available including on the high street, I knew that my recent trip was the perfect excuse to finally give it a try.

So, I decided to give it a try and find out if it truly lives up to the hype.

Wild Refillable Natural Deodorant in Coconut and Vanilla  

The Wild Refillable Natural Deodorant is a unique, convenient and plastic-free product that aims to provide long-lasting freshness and odor protection. Using a combination of natural ingredients like coconut oil, tapioca starch and sodium bicarbonate, this deodorant is designed to keep you smelling great without compromising the environment. There is also a version without the baking soda for those who have sensitive skin.

The Wild Refillable Natural Deodorant comes in a reusable case, and all you have to do is simply pop in a refill when it’s time for a replacement.

But does it work, and how does it compare to traditional deodorants?

The scent of the Coconut and Vanilla variant is phenomenal. It has a tropical flair with a warm, sweet undertone, making you feel like you’ve been whisked away to an exotic island. I was pleasantly surprised by the scent and its freshness.

As for performance, the deodorant does a great job of keeping body odour at bay throughout the day. It’s not as powerful as conventional deodorants but it gets the job done without any irritation or stains on my clothes. So far, so good!

The texture is light, dry, and hydrating, ensuring it never feels sticky or greasy when applied.


– Enticing initial fragrance

– Dry texture but feels nourishing on the skin

– Easy application with no mess

– Stylish, reusable case with the added bonus of being eco-friendly


– Fragrance fades and can transform into a stale coconut oil scent after some time but becomes milder afterwards

– Less effective at handling intense activity levels, such as vigorous exercise or hot weather

– A slightly crumbly consistency at first, although it does become more stable with continued use

– Refills may not last as long as one would hope, leading to more frequent replacements


The Wild Refillable Natural Deodorant in Coconut and Vanilla is a solid choice for anyone looking to transition to a more natural and sustainable personal care routine. While it has a few drawbacks in terms of fragrance longevity and efficacy during intense physical activity, the overall experience and environmental benefits make it a worthwhile purchase. If you’re willing to invest in a more eco-conscious deodorant option and can put up with minor inconveniences, this product just might become your new go-to.

The product comes in many fragrances so if this one is not for you, I’m sure you’ll find one that works for you. The case also comes in various colours. I chose a purple one as that is one of my favourite colours.

My verdict? Give it a try and decide for yourself!

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Have you tried the Wild Refillable Natural Deodorant?

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5 thoughts on “Wild Refillable Natural Deodorant in Coconut and Vanilla Review

  1. I like the scent description and that it’s refillable but it sounds similar to a number of natural deodorants I’ve tried that didn’t do a good job on me. Texture doesn’t sound convincing either

    1. Finding a natural deodorant that works is quite the task. It also takes some time for your body to “detox” when making the switch. In what ways did find your deodorants lacking?

  2. Made no difference whether I used a deodorant or not on regular days with no workout or anything special. Some had a solid, reliable texture like Malin+Goetz, but many not exactly. One I had to keep in the fridge. I generally need aluminum in my deodorant, otherwise it won’t work 🙁

    1. Hmmm, have you tried any consistently without using ones with aluminum in between for 3-4 weeks? I noticed that only after one such period they start working. It is like you need to “detox”. Initially I had also given up but since I also got some through gift with purchase I did test them and that is how I finally found one about how to make them work.

      Yes, texture wise it can be a problem. My Kopari ones tended to melt a tiny bit, nothing drastic but colder environments definitely helped. In regards to wild, I am happy to report that after that crumbly first application which can also be seen in the photos, the product does become creamier and softer and does not break if only a tiny bit is rolled out of the case

      However, overall I do think we are far from being able to use a fully natural deodorant and more progress needs to be made. I also enjoy the ones with aluminum more even if they are like super basic ones from the supermarket – Dove, Rexona (Sure in the UK)

  3. Tapioca starch, along with coconut oil and sodium bicarbonate, plays a role in making the deodorant effective in providing long-lasting freshness and odor protection.

    If you go to South East Asian countries like Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia, you can see women here they use this daily!

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