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The White Company Beauty Advent Calendar 2022 – out now

Get excited, beauty lovers! The White Company’s much-anticipated Beauty Advent Calendar for 2022 is finally available to purchase! This year’s calendar is packed full of gorgeous beauty and lifestyle products from the brand. This is one advent calendar that is definitely worth the splurge if you are a fan of the White Company and enjoy pretty scents! Here’s a closer look at what you can expect to find inside.

The White Company Beauty Advent Calendar

  • Winter Signature Candle 140g (approximately 33 hours’ burn time)
  • Pomegranate Hand Cream 30ml
  • Spa Restore Body Balm
  • Nourish Bath Shot
  • Fireside Fragrance Oil 15ml
  • Sea Salt Shower Gel
  • Seychelles Hand Wash
  • Blanc Body Lotion
  • Blanc Body Wash
  • Fir Tree Votive 
  • Nourish Fragrance Oil 15ml
  • Tuberose and Cashmere Hand Cream 30ml
  • Midnight Mini Home Spray
  • Seychelles Hand & Nail Cream 
  • Spa Restore Shower Gel
  • Lime & Bay Body Lotion
  • Wild Mint Hand Wash
  • Calm Hand & Body Balm 
  • Lime & Bay Shower Gel
  • White Jade Gua Sha
  • Sea Salt & Cedarwood Body Lotion
  • Noir Hand Wash
  • Noir Hand Lotion
  • Sleep Bath Shot
  • Seychelles Signature Candle 140g (approximately 33 hours’ burn time)

Price and Availability

The calendar is priced at £175 and it is available for purchase now.


The White Company beauty advent calendar contains 25 different treats, ranging from bath and body miniatures to votives in their bestselling scents. Plus, there are two full-size Signature Candles included as well! All of the products have been hand-picked and carefully curated to provide a little daily indulgence in the lead-up to Christmas.

However, I am not going to lie. This calendar is both expensive and probably won’t appeal to everyone. The White Company fans will surely love to receive and perhaps a bit less to purchase it for themselves and everyone who is not familiar with the brand, might enjoy discovering their best scents. Personally, I am a fan of the brand which is why I am excited about this calendar, but I do have to admit that it is not really something I can see myself purchasing just because.

This is a great calendar, but.. I would rather spend my money on a skincare calendar any day and purchase the White Company products when I feel like it or when in need.


The White Company Beauty Advent Calendar for 2022 is now available for purchase! Don’t miss out on your chance to get your hands on this calendar if it is something you want or need The calendar is packed with 25 different beauty treats ranging from bath and body miniatures to scented candles, some of the best from The White Company if I do say so myself. Order yours today and start counting down the days until Christmas!

What do you think of this advent calendar?

As always, do stay tuned as I will update this post once more information is available. for More information on advent calendars, check out this page.

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