My Little Box Fr – September 2022 Box

Here’s what you can expect to find in your My Little Box Fr – September 2022 box! This month’s box is all about autumnal beauty and getting ready for cooler weather. Inside, you’ll find skincare, and body care products to help you transition your routine from summer to fall, but also a series of accessories or lifestyle products to make you look forward to the new season. Read on for more information about the contents of this month’s box as well as my review. 

What is My Little Box? 

My Little Box is a monthly subscription service that delivers a box of beauty and lifestyle products to your door. The contents of the box are usually a surprise, but each month has a theme and the products are a combination of full-size and deluxe samples. My Little Box is one of the most popular subscription boxes in France and for good reason! The beauty or rather a lifestyle box is very representative of the french lifestyle so it is like getting a bit of that coveted lifestyle in your post. 

The brand also collaborates with different guest designers to create a unique unboxing experience. 

Where is My Little Box available? 

Currently, My Little Box is available in France and Germany. The box used to be available in the UK as well, however, they left around 2018 if I am not mistaken. I believe they were also in Japan at some point, or maybe I dreamt about it. For now, though, you can find them in both Germany and Frace. 

The edition I will review in the following segments is the French version. 

How much does My Little Box cost? 

The price of My Little Box in both Germany and France is €18.50 per month or you can save some cash by getting onto the annual plan for €203. 

My Little Box Fr September 2022 Contents 


  • Caudalie Vinotherapist Hyaluronic Nourishing Body Lotion 200ml – full size 
  • My Little Beauty Super Drop Hydrating Serum – full size 
  • Avene Tolerance Extremely Gentle Cleanser 100ml – travel size 
  • Avene Tolerance Hydra 10 Hydrating Cream 5ml – sample 


  • Gua Sha 
  • Tote Bag 

My Little Box Fr September 2022 Review 

Before I start, I do have to say that this is not my first box from the retailer, I have been subscribed to them for years, especially while I was still in the UK. In fact, I got their first ever UK box and fell in love with the box so much that I kept getting them month after month with short breaks during the summer holidays. 

My Little Box is one of the reasons why I became so interested in beauty. Had it not been for these little “gifts” I honestly do now know whether I would be so obsessed with all things skincare right now, not the way that I am anyways. But then again who knows? 

Ever since they stopped shipping to the UK, I looked for a way to get my hands on one of their boxes as I missed them so much. They always brighten my day and introduce me to new products which I usually end up loving. Sure, there are other subscription boxes out there, but these ones are just a tad more precious. 

Long story short, here we are. 

The September edition is actually the second My Little Box that I got recently. I got the summer edition before this one, but I received it a bit too late to review it. Don’t worry as I will review the products included inside at some point! 

Okay, so the September edition of My Little Box is all about autumnal beauty and getting ready for cooler weather. Inside, you’ll find skincare, and body care products to help you transition your routine from summer to fall, but also a series of accessories or lifestyle products to make you look forward to the new season. All the details regarding the products included in this box are available above. 

Once again, My Little Box did not come in an actual box. They used to have these super cute boxes with incredibly nice designs or rather illustrations on them. I still have a few of the ones that I got in the past as they are so cute, well the ones I managed to haul across Europe in one piece that is. They are not the most convenient boxes out there as they are rather small, but you can store trinkets in them easily and the designs kinda make up for it. On the other hand, I am glad that My Little Box stopped using so much cardboard, but I do miss the boxes and their illustrations and do hope to see them every once in a while. 

Instead of a cute cardboard box, this edition came with a tote bag, and for reference, the previous one included a makeup bag. The tote bag is very cute, sturdy, and autumnal. Personally, I really like the sizes of their tote bags. I had one and still have it actually, from them in the past, and was great for when picking up parcels or for returning something to the post office. It was actually one of the few tote bags I managed to hold on my shoulders for long periods of time, not enough to carry it on my shoulder all the time, but way better than most. 

I usually cannot carry a tote bag, not unless it is empty that is. I do not know why, maybe my shoulders are not wide enough or something, but tote bags or bags, in general, keep sliding off and it gets annoying and the shraps are too long to carry in your hands so I am not that big of a fan of this kind of products. Size-wise, this tote, in particular, is great for small to medium size parcels and maybe even for storing groceries (I do use them to store my ramyeon) but for me, they are not great to carry around as a bag. Since I already have enough, I will most likely look to marry it off to someone who can benefit from it to just put it in the car for when grocery shopping. It is great for carrying larger, light items i.e kitchen paper rolls (yes, I know that this is not the most eco-friendly option, but I cannot stand kitchen towels as it is impossible to get the smells or grease out of them), toilet paper etc. 

Okay, I guess this is more than enough talk about a tote bag. You get my point, The tote itself is pretty, sturdy, and quite convenient if you have a lot so stuff to carry around, but personally, I am not a fan of such products so I will need to find it a different home or a different purpose. 

The other lifestyle product included in this box is a Gua Sha. The Gua Sha provided is really well crafted, it is just thick enough that it does not break easily, but it is smooth and does not feel cheap. I really appreciate this as most Gua Sha products I found in beauty products are made of plastic and feel cheap and unusable. That is not the case here. Had it not been for the fact that I already have a Gua Sha that I love, I would have totally kept this one. Sadly, this particular one will have to become a stocking stuffer for one of the beauty lovers in my life. 

In terms of beauty products, as always, the products arrived in a small string bag. There were three products plus a small sample included. 

*Please note that the bottle is actually a light periwinkle colour but the lighting makes it seem whiter than it is.

Caudalie Vinotherapist Hyaluronic Nourishing Body Lotion 200ml is perhaps not a product I would have ever purchased, same goes with products from Caudalie in general, but weirdly enough I usually end up liking the products and this is not an exception. I do not know why the brand does not appeal to me as they have incredible products, but it just does not even though I know better now. I never used any body care from the french brand though, but this Caudalie Vinotherapist Hyaluronic Nourishing Body Lotion might just be the start. My first impressions of the product are rather good. The cream feels moisturizing, light, and fast absorbing so I am willing to give it a shot. 

This here is a clear reason why I keep giving all sorts of products a shot. I may not be attracted to them for whatever known or unknown reason as the case may be, but sometimes I am in for a surpise. 

The next product included in this My Little Box that I want to talk a bit about is the My Little Beauty Super Drop Hydrating Serum. Yes, that is right. My Little Box has its own beauty range. I used to love their products and miss their older packaging. It was so cute and colorful. This one is not that bad either, but the previous one was definitely cuter. Hope that the products are just as good. I have not tried this serum, but I will do so soon and will keep you posted. Fingers crossed that it does not dissapoint! 

And then we have two products from Avene. Surprisingly, I never got around tot trying out the brand but I do have high expectations. Usually, dermato-cosmetic products are way better than expected so I sure hope that these will prove to be amazing as well. People sure seem to love the brand so I truly hope that I will too!

Content wise, I am really happy with the box, but I do have to say that, well, the previous box also included a cleanser which is not that big of an issue if you already started using it and maybe even finished it, but otherwise, if this continue like this, you will end up with a huge pile of the same kind of products if you stay subscribed month after month. I am curious to see what next month’s box will look like.

Overall, despite not being obsessed with the tote bad and having no use for another Gua Sha, I am happy with this edition of My Little Box. Beauty wise I did end up with 4 products that have high potential to be good or even incredible and that I have not tried/used before. Sure, the box is not the cheapest beauty box out there, but it is definitely more special and always a joy to get in the post. It is unique and it is like you get a piece of that French lifestyle that everyone wishes to experience in your own home. I may sound crazy but it is an unexplainable feeling and allure that this box has. You have to experience it for yourself to get what I mean. 

What do you think of this edition of My Little Box? Have you ever subscribed to this service?

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