Latest in Beauty The Glow Plan Beauty Edit with Abigail James

Are you looking for a way to bring back your natural glow? Look no further than Latest in Beauty’s latest offering – The Glow Plan Beauty Edit with Abigail James. This collection features a carefully curated selection of 10 products that complete a full glow plan routine, from Dr. Hauschka to Lumene and Gatineau. With a value of £238, this collection is the perfect way to pamper yourself and achieve radiant, glowing skin. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the products included in this edit and share our thoughts on whether it’s worth adding to your beauty routine.

The Glow Plan Beauty Edit with Abigail James Contents

  • Bybi Swipe Clean Facial Cleansing Oil – full size – worth £26
  • Dr Hauschka Cleansing Cream – 30ml
  • Dr Hauschka Facial Toner – 30ml
  • Lumene Nordic-C [Valo] Glow Boost Essence – full size – worth £32.90
  • Gatinea Exfoliating PHA + BHA Glow Tonique – full size
  • Oskai Isotonic Hydra-Serum – 7ml – worth £11
  • Codex Labs Bia Nourishing Facial Oil – full size – worth £50
  • Bybi C-Caf Vitamin C & Caffeine Day Cream – full size – worth £22
  • Disciple Dreamy Skin Retinyl Night Oil – full size – worth £35
  • Life Armour drops of slumber+ – full size – worth £25

The Glow Plan Beauty Edit with Abigail James Price and Value

This collection would normally cost you over £238 if bought separately, but with this Glow Plan Beauty Edit, you can get all 10 products for just £48. That’s a great saving!

The Glow Plan Beauty Edit with Abigail James Comments

I have to say that I am impressed with the quality and range of products included in this beauty edit. Not only does it offer a complete glow plan routine, but each product can be used on its own or combined to create a perfect pampering experience.

However, the reason why I am so impressed is also due to the fact that this is the first Latest in Beauty edit in quite some time that caught my attention.

While I have used Dr Hauschka’s products, it has been a while so I won’t comment on these. I have no idea whether they have changed their formulas since nor whether I would still like the product in the present. I assume that I would especially given just how amazing I found them in the past, but you never know. It has been a while so I will refrain from further comments, but do know that in the past they made an impression on me.

One product I can tell you more about though is the Disciple Dreamy Skin Retinyl Night Oi which is honestly the only retinol-related product that I enjoyed using and that made a difference to my skin. I normally hate the feel of oils on my skin and this one was not that different, however since I started noticing some effects straight away, I continued using the product.

I remember arriving in Berlin and doing my evening skincare routine when I finally noticed just how great my skin looked. The skin looked more even, more youthful and the few scars from the many blemishs I ended up with due to the heavily polluted London air looked more faded. The bad lighting in my London bathroom did not allow me to see the effects that just a mere weeks of use of the Disciple oil had on my skin, but the bathroom lights in the hotel I was staying did. I do not recall many instances in which I was so impressed by a beauty product.

The Glow Plan Beauty Edit with Abigail James Verdict

This Glow Plan Beauty Edit is an excellent way to try a range of products and save money at the same time. It contains a great selection of brands and products and most products come in really great sizes so you definitely get a feel for whether they work or not on your skin.

What do you think of the Glow Plan Beauty Edit with Abigail James from Latest in Beauty?

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