Niche Beauty Female Founders Box

Spring is just around the corner and what better way to welcome it than with a fresh new beauty stash?

Luckily, Niche Beauty has got us covered with an exciting new offer that celebrates both the season and women empowerment. The online beauty retailer is offering a special gift with purchases containing only products from female founders’ brands in line with the upcoming International Women’s Day.

This is not only a great opportunity to try out some amazing products but also to support female entrepreneurs who are making their mark in the beauty industry. So get ready to add some springtime glow to your beauty routine while also showing some love for women-owned businesses.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the products included in this offer and whether they should be on your radar this season.

Niche Beauty Female Founders Box Contents

5 Original Sizes
Westman Atelier / Single Eyepod Tabac, 1 pcs.
Honest Beauty / Extreme Length Mascara+Primer, 8 ml
Sarah Chapman / Facialift, 1 pcs.
Balmyard Beauty / The Baby Love Balm Cherry Oh, 4,5 ml
Pai Skincare / Rosehip Bioregenerate, 10 ml

4 Travel Sizes
goop / Goopglow Dark Spot Exfoliating Sleep Milk, 8 ml
By Terry / Mini Pressed Powder, 2,5 g
Bondi Wash / Dish Wash Lemon Tea Tree & Mandarin, 125 ml
Macrene Actives / Luxury Mini Face Cream, 15 ml

Niche Beauty Female Founders Box Price

The new Niche Beauty Female Founders Box is worth £290 and you can get it for free when you spend £225 on beauty products from the retailer.

Niche Beauty Female Founders Box Comments

Now this is a tough one. As always with the new Female Founders Box from Niche Beauty you get quite a bit of value, definitely more than if you were to just grab some items from the retailers while there was not beauty gift with purchase offer running that is for sure. However, I cannot say that I am overly impressed by this gift.

I see the appeal of the Female Founder Box for sure, but then again….

The Niche Beauty Female Founders Box comes with a nice variety of skincare and body care products in particular that are hard to ignore. Not only there are some luxurious items included in the box but also ones that I am pretty sure have not been included in other or many offers in the past. This is a true opportunity to try some new beauty products without making the investment on top of getting the products for free that is.

At the same time, the sizes of most of the products included in the beauty gift with purchase from Niche Beauty are quite disappointing. However, I do need to consider here that gifts with purchase are not longer made the same way they used to be! Hard pill to swallow but such is the situation.

Otherwise, I am not personally in love with this new beauty gift with purchase but I can see it’s overall appeal and it comes at a good time to splurge on some new beauty and refresh your stash for the upcoming season.

Overall, if you have money to spare or need to make some purchases anyway and are also interested in the contents of the Female Founders Box then go for it, otherwise skip it.

Not sure what to buy? Check out the gift sets and limited edition products were can you can find previous goody bags for grabs as a product.

What do you think of the Female Founders box from Niche Beauty?

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    Not interested either. And I’m still bitter about the currency exchange rate and shipping costs from NB. I’ve also noticed that’s been a couple of years now that the GWP offer is not that appealing due to the product size. Given that you can buy it separately (which I like as an idea) a bunch of deluxe samples for 90 EUR feels like too much.

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