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As the leaves bid adieu to the branches, and autumn gently heralds the approach of winter, the euphoria of the festive season begins to dance in the air. With it comes the thrilling anticipation of the cherished holiday traditions that never fail to sprinkle a little magic on the closing of the year. One such delightful tradition is the advent calendar, a treasure trove of little surprises that count down the days to Christmas in the most whimsical way.

This year, the unveiling of Mon Corner B’s Beauty Advent Calendar is a festive affair that beauty aficionados have been ardently waiting for. With a promise to harbor a cornucopia of luxury beauty essentials, the Mon Corner B Beauty Advent Calendar is here to escalate the holiday glee, making the wait for Christmas a journey adorned with daily doses of glamour and opulence.

As we unravel the festive veil off this elegant anthology of beauty, every little reveal is a testament to Mon Corner B’s continued legacy of marrying quality with the festive charm. Step into the festive allure as we delve into what makes this new advent calendar a coveted treasure this winter season.

Mon Corner B Beauty Advent Calendar Contents

Facial skincare product:

AGENT NATEUR’s Holi(water) moisturizing essence – 30ml
PAI’s Phaze purifying cleansing gel – 28ml
ODACITE’s Le Blue Balm repair balm – 15ml
MADARA’s Peel 7% AHA and clay mask – 17ml
LA CANOPEE’s Roseraie illuminating serum – full size
INDIE LEE’s Alternative Retinol face cream – 10ml
WHAMISA Deep Rich fermented organic flower essence – 33.5ml
ORYZA LAB’s Perfecting Peel – 30ml
BYBI’s Mega Mist hyaluronic acid mist – 30ml
AURELIA LONDON’s illuminating eye contour serum – 7ml
ON THE WILD SIDE’s exfoliating mask – 15ml
ABSOLUTION’s health cream – 15ml
EVOLVE’s Kalahari Dream makeup remover oil – 30ml
OKOKO’s Serenity soothing cleansing cream & mask – 15ml


ERE PEREZ’s Tapioca blush Paris shade – full size
LE ROUGE FRANÇAIS’s lip oil – full size 
GRESSA’s lip boost Lilith shade – full size
ILIA BEAUTY’s Fullest Volumizing mascara – 3 g 
GITTI’s Real Red nail polish – full size
RMS’s Living Luminizer highlighter – full size

Hair care: 

SHAERI’s prickly pear oil shampoo – 100 ml OR SHAERI’s care cream – full size (150 ml)
INNERSENSE’s leave-in detangling spray – 59 ml
DESERT ESSENCE’s nourishing coconut shampoo – 44 ml


ATELIER NUBIO’s We want a flat naiad stomach food supplement – discovery format 5 vials

Mon Corner B Beauty Advent Calendar Price

The calendar is priced at €135 and has a retail value of over €500.

Available for pre-order from 01/10 – Shipping on 02/11

Mon Corner B Beauty Advent Calendar Comments

The Mon Corner B Beauty Advent Calendar is a cornucopia of high-end brands and a wide array of products. The meticulous curation promises a delightful journey through the festive season, making it a perfect gift for beauty enthusiasts or a self-indulgent treat. However, the array, while luxurious, could benefit from a more inclusive color palette in makeup and a balanced offering across categories. With a price tag that mirrors its premium appeal, the calendar is a splurge; but for those eager to delve into a luxurious beauty adventure, it’s a festive indulgence that’s hard to pass up.

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