What you need to know about Beauty Pie

We all want amazing skin, but in order to achieve that goal, we often have to pay a fortune on expensive skincare and high quality beauty products in general. That is no longer the case with Beauty Pie.

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What is Beauty Pie?

Beauty Pie is the latest way to get your hands on high quality skincare and makeup at affordable prices. With Beauty Pie you do not pay the shelf price of high end beauty, but the actual price it costs to make, package and deliver. Cool so far, right?

What is the catch with Beauty Pie?

With Beauty Pie you often end up paying £8 or so for products that cost more than 70 which is simply amazing. Too amazing most would say.

Before I go into explaining this a bit more, I must add that you can definitely produce beauty products such as the ones that Beauty Pie sells that such a low cost because of something called economies of scale. This means that the more you produce, so the higher the volume, the lower the cost per unit. Thus, it is not as unheard of.

However, yes, there is something else that you need to know and what makes it possible and more importantly, profitable, for Beauty Pie to offer such great value to the end consumer.

In order to get your hands on the goodies that Beauty Pie offer, you need to become a subscriber. The cheapest subscription is £10 per month and you need to stay a member for a minimum period of three months.

The cheapest membership type offers you a spending allowance of £100-£150 per month, depending on the current offers or the referral code you are using. However, you get to spend that much based on the full price of the product. You know what? I am just going to give you an example as it can be pretty confusing since Beauty Pie operates slightly different than other companies that tried a similar system.

Beauty Pie Example 

Okay, lets say that you have a basic subscription and you got an allowance of £150 for the month.

You decide to purchase the Beauty Pie Plantastic Micropeeling Super Dropsand theRe-Elastic Concentrate Serum.

The Plantastic Micropeeling Super Drops has a full price of £50 and the serum costs £85. Because you already paid £10 for your membership, now you only have to pay £10.62 for the serum and £7.62 for the micropeeling super drops.

You get £135 worth of product for under £20 and then you need to add the cost of shipping and handling.

Okay, so if you decide to become a subscriber, you get amazing products at a discounted price. You pay for the membership and then you pay the meter price for the products and the extra costs which are becoming lower and lower btw.

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One more thing you need to know about Beauty Pie

If the allowance is not enough for you and you want to get your hands on more products, then you can increase your allowance and pay extra for that increase of course. However, if you do increase your allowance then the renewal date will change accordingly to the day of the month in which you placed the previous order and the membership itself will renew at the higher rate.

Is Beauty Pie worth it?

I admit I was also reluctant to pay for Beauty Pie. I tried to subscribe several times and something held me back. But then, Beauty Pie started innovating more in the skincare area rather than makeup and for skincare I was willing to make a bet. It paid off!

The products are really amazing. They work! I will talk about every single product that I got from them in future posts, but of the 15 products that I already bought, there was not one that I did not like.

However, the brand might not be for everyone. There should be a bit more transparency when it comes to the ingredients as well as how to use them.

The ingredients are listed for the most part, however even if you go into their website that info is not right under your nose. They tell you about some amazing ingredients they have and some bad stuff they do not include, but for the actual list you need to dig a bit deeper which is not okay. Furthermore, I found that some products do not include proper instructions at times which again is annoying.

If you can get past this, then Beauty Pie is worth the money and you definitely get high end products at a fraction of the price.

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