suqqu designing color eyeshadow palette

Suqqu Designing ColoR Eye Shadow Palette

After a week filled with beauty offers and a few attempts at some kind of articles I have never shared before, I decided to focus on a review for today. I am still trying really hard to beat my previous record of daily postings and I am so cloooose, but also freaking tired. For that reason, I decided to tell you a bit about a product I got in the Latest in Beauty limited edition collection, in the Sunday Times collection. This has to be the makeup items I have used the most for the past three months or so. Oh yes, I am going to talk about the Suqqu Designing Color Eye Shadow Palette in “Benimiyabi”.

Suqqu Designing Color Eye Shadow Palette Review

Wearing makeup is something that while I enjoy, I don’t do as often as many others do. I am not just speaking about these days where I honestly do not see the point for most makeup products, but in general. Plus, I am not highly skilled at creating makeup looks, one because when I usually apply it, I am on the go and two, because I kinda need both eyes to see sort of clear. My eyesight is pretty horrible so applying eyeshadow and keeping an eyelid closed and looking at what the heck I am doing just with the other eye is pretty tricky for me. It is what it is, but the reason I brought that up is that I am not only interested in products that are easy to use and apply (to match my skills level), but I need them to be that way.

Luckily, by now I have gone through many palettes and seen what they can do. I have a much better feel for them than I had a couple of years ago when I usually avoided such products. For that reason, when I saw the Suqqu Palette in the Latest in Beauty box, I decided to give it a try. It would have made a great gift, the palette is beautiful, it feel luxurious obviously and the price is pretty up there. It would have been a shame if I would have decided I could not use it. It did not come to that. In fact, I have been using the palette for the past three months. Each time I go out, the Suqqu Designing Color is the eye shadow palette I go for. For good reason.

suqqu designing color eyeshadow palette
suqqu designing color eyeshadow palette

The Suqqu Designing Color Eye Shadow Palette is comes in multiple versions. The one that I have is the “Benimiyabi” one. Like the rest of the range, the palette contains four pans. As you can see in the photos, in this version you get a pearl/champagne one, a pink-burgundy one, a dark brown and a light brown one. All the shades have a shimmery finish.

Not only do I love the shades, particularly the ones on the left, but they are so soft and nice. The shades are super easy to blend and they do blend perfectly even if applied by someone with my skill level. In addition, they do not smudge (much). They smudge just a tiny, tiny amount to make the shades settle more naturally on the skin and this is without using any eyeshadow base.

The eyeshadow is easy to apply using a small sponge (I am actually referring to a mini beauty blender type), a brush and even your fingers. The palette even comes with two different kind of applicators – a spongy one and a brush one, both with two ends. So you can a small brush and a larger one at the other end on the first applicator and the same with the sponge applicator. I have been using the brush one for most applications and surprisingly, they work really well. I rarely use the applicators included with the pallets and go for my own, but these ones are pretty good.

In terms of pigmentation, you do not have anything to worry about. The shades are quite pigmented and they look pretty and I found that they look pretty much the same on my, albeit , pale skin as they do in the pan. I encountered quite a few eyeshadow pans over the years that tended to change due to the natural oil of the skin or other reasons, but this one stayed pretty much the same.

Overall, as you can probably tell by now, I found this palette from Suqqu to be pretty amazing. Other than the price, I can honestly say that I have not found any negatives. I could have gone without the brown shades perhaps, but that is personal preference and nothing to do with the quality of the eyeshadow palette. The palette is easy to use, the shades are high quality, pigmented with a little fall-off and look great even after hours of wearing. I recommend this palette. The Designing Color Plate is truly a luxury palette and a travel friendly one as well.

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What do you think of this palette? Do you use Suqqu products?

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