Next Wonder Woman Beauty Box

I see that finally someone is acknowledging International Woman’s Day. I was just about to go on a long tangent over here (as usual), but I changed my mind. Okay, so it seems that Next acknowledges this celebration as well which is something I have yet to see retailers do. There have been a few, but the number is significantly lower than I was expecting. It is pretty insignificant even, I would say. That is not okay! I won’t go into details here as that is not what this post is about and I would rather not get into a huge debate with anyone about how I am trying to push an agenda here, so let’s leave it at this. As I was saying, Next released a new beauty box which could serve as a nice token to give in appreciation to anyone who identifies as female, to any woman who has supported you, helped build you up and stood by your side while you got where you are today.

I am going to shop here as my fingers are itching to go on a long tangent. Trust me, it would be a huge one as Female Empowerment is something I feel very strongly about. I was raised by four, strong, independent women so… I guess that is understandable.

Next Wonder Woman Beauty Box Contents

  • Pixi Glow Tonic (250ml Full Size)
  • This Works Deep Sleep Body Cocoon (100ml Full Size)
  • ICONIC London Sunset to Sunrise Eyeshadow Palette (Full Size)
  • Fenella Smith Pink Mini Pouch (Travel Size)
  • Illamasqua Antimatter Lipstick in Rocket (Full Size)
  • Urban Apothecary Travel Candle (35g Travel Size)
  • Moroccanoil Treatment Oil Light (25ml Travel Size)

Price and Value

The Next Wonder Woman Beauty Box is priced at £40 and has a value of over £140. Also, please note that according to the retailers, the total combined value is based on full-size and travel-sized items only; sample-sized items (that may read ‘not for resale’) are NOT counted in this value – I just don’t have a confirmation that the box indeed contains any such products.

The beauty box is available for purchase here. (*not affiliate)


The box from next caught my attention right from the start. Not only do I like that this box serves as a reminder that International Woman’s Day is also a day to be celebrated (even if I would prefer if people would remember without being told by a retailer), but the contents are pretty neat as well. You get pretty nice product sizes in this one for one. The value if not bad for the price you need to pay to enter into possession. However, it is the actual products included that make the box even more worthy of your attention.

First, you get a full sized version of the iconic Pixi Glow Tonic. This tonic was truly a game changer on the western markets and a good introduction to glycolic acid. I still believe that is a good intro to glycolic acid and it was even more so of one when it first came out, however I do admit that I am a bit over this product. My review of the toner is available here, but keep in mind that it was written some years and bottles ago.

Next we have the Deep Sleep Body Cocoon Body Cream from This Works. I never really got along well with the brand and their products. They are just not for me perhaps. However, this body cream is not that bad. The fragrance agrees much more with me than any of their previous ones and the product is quite nourishing. Perfect to use at nighttime. A full review will follow one of these days 😀

I won’t comment on any of the other products as I haven’t used them myself, but I will say that the Velvet Peony scent from urban Apothecary is one of my favourite scents. I have been purchasing their reed diffuser with this particular scent for several years now (around four, if I am not mistaken). Their candles are also pretty amazing. I had some tea light candles I got as a gift with purchase and the fragrance was quite powerful and they were perfect to keep rather than use as you could sense them each time you passed by them. I haven’t had a candle with particular scent, but I am pretty hopeful it will be great.

Overall, I find this beauty box from next quite intriguing. Like I said, their product choice is pretty incredible and one I would definitely consider purchasing. Actually, I would purchase it if not for the pesky international delivery issues due to Brexit and of course, the stock market tumbling down for the past few days..

What do you think of this box?

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