Update on the Cult Beauty Goody Bag Situation

*UPDATE: you can read all about the Summer 2020 Goody Bag here. Things have changed over the last year or so. I will explain soon how I managed to get over this whole ordeal.

It has been over a month ever since the whole Cult Beauty debacle took place. If you are unfamiliar with what happened, then you might want to read this first.

I have been postponing this article as my feelings have been all over the place when it comes to this specific situation.Β I trusted Cult Beauty and I was let down big time.

So for those of you who do not have the time to read the article linked above, Cult Beauty did not send me the Founder Beauty Bag with my order even though it showed on the delivery papers included in my parcel.

I said this a month ago and I am saying again now, mistakes happen. I know that. We are only human so mistakes are bound to happen, but own up to it! That is what got me so angry. More so than angry, I was disappointed actually as I had a high amount of respect for the brand.

I was not upset only because the goody bag was missing from my order, but also because the gift was missing from other orders as well. Some were missing the gift entirely as was my case, while others were missing part of the products. Some people were missing even some of the stuff they paid for. So one mistake I get, but so many,.. I don’t think so. This is all information I gathered from social media. I still have the comments posted, but I won’t make them public as I don’t have the consent of the authors.

Once I realised that my gift was missing, I sent an email to customer service and then I waited and waited and no reply. On social media I did not get any further either. They sent me back to customer service. I also tried calling, but I could not get through as the number on the invoice is apparently no longer in use or something like that.

After several days of waiting and after my article went live and was shared on as many platforms I could think of, I finally received a reply which basically asked me to show them photos of the parcel and the items I did receive. If someone can please explain to me how does this help, I would appreciate it! I mean, they already have your details in their system so they know you placed an order. Beyond this, some photos don’t prove anything. However, that is their problem I guess.

Okay, so after going back and forth many times with the photos and description of the state of the parcel, they finally relented to send me the goody bag. The whole thing made me feel like it was my fault, even though I clearly did not do anything. I wasn’t the one who did not post the entire order…


Luckily, after all of this, the parcel reached me and on the outside it looked perfect. I was really excited to open it even after everything I had to go through. I love opening parcels, period.

I though that the whole nightmare was over, but guess what? It was not. I honestly could not believe the state of the samples in the goody bag.Β The little boxes were in a really bad shape. Some of the packaging was broken and some were opened. The products that came without a box were dirty. I cleaned each product so now you can see in the photos that they look alright, thankfully! I was not going to add them to my collection in the state that I received them. I pride myself by keeping everything as clean as I can…

Maybe this is my background in business speaking, but if you want to retain your customers to go to extra lengths to ensure that they are happy. You don’t treat them like this.

Overall, I am happy that the issue with Cuts Beauty has been resolved. It was a tiresome and frustrating experience. Honestly, at the end of the day it was not even worth it. I did it because it was my right to get what I paid for, but… Do not get me wrong, I am grateful for the products. I love trying out new things and especially reviewing them for all of you. It just left a sour taste in my mouth, you know.

With more and more products on the market, CB cannot afford to lose business. They used to have exclusive contracts with brands for UK distribution and that is why I shopped there so much in the past, but more and more of those brands started opening up their own stores or online stores at least and now offer delivery to the UK. So for a period of time those products might be excessively sold at CB, but that won’t last forever. So what if I need to wait a few months before getting my hands on the latest launches?

Also with the rise of GWP offered by the brands themselves, I see even less of a need to shop at stockists (such as CB) when I could get more value for my money anytime I shop. I wrote in the past about ELF (not found at CB) and recently about Kate Somerville, but Rodial, Estee Lauder and companies as many other brands offer so many gifts that I would much rather buy directly from the source.

I am not abandoning stockists all together as some offer extra benefits and vouchers plus there is the whole thing about the goody bags, but when it comes to CB in particular, I will definitely exercise more caution before placing an order. Maybe in time things will change, but for now the disappointment is running deep.


*This is just my personal opinion formed based on my own experience with the company. This article is in no way meant to influence your decision to shop there to not. This article has also not been sponsored by a competitor or any other third party.

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