Starskin 7-Second Morning Mask 7-in-1 Miracle Skin Pads

As busy women, we seek products, tools and other tips that can help us reduce the time we spend taking care of our skin or even doing our makeup. You cannot tell me it is not true. How many times did you wish you had more time in the morning? Yeah, me too.

However, no matter how much time it takes me to go through my extensive skincare routine, I am not willing to sacrifice the look and wellbeing of my skin just so that I can grab a bagel on my way to work. I would rather wait for my lunch break to eat than end up with blackheads and whatnot. I am that obsessed with skincare!

Now for real, I finally got to a place where I can be mostly happy with the look of my skin and I am not willing to jeopardise that. However, time is scarce, especially in the mornings. For that reason, I went nuts when I heard that Starskin came out with what seemed like the ultimate solution to all my problems – the 7-Second Morning Mask 7-in-1 Miracle Skin Mask Pads. But it is really the solution I have been looking for or is it just a gimmick?


What are the 7 second Morning Skin Mask Pads?

As the name implies, the Starskin 7 second morning skin mask pads are just some face pads full of product that you can use in the morning instead of having to go though your usual morning skincare routine.

The 7 second morning skin mask pads from Starskin are supposed to exfoliate and tone your skin. They also work as a face mask that does not need to be washed off. They also replace your serum and moisturise your face. On top of this, the pads prime your skin so that it is ready for you to apply makeup on top.

How do the 7 second Morning Skin Mask Pads from Starskin work?

The pads can and should be used on both sides. You start with the exfoliating side and then switch to the other side (pictured) which is softer. You swipe the pad ovkryour face and you should be done.

Screenshot 2019-04-23 at 10.33.45.png

Are the Starskin 7 in 1 miracle mask pads worth it?

You get only 20 pads for £27.  So by looking at the price you could say that the pads are pretty expensive. However, you can also think about all the other products that you do not need to buy and the cost might not seem that much anymore. It is all relative. But the one factor that I guess is universal in deterring whether it is worth paying 27 GBP on such a product is whether the pads are effective or not.

Are the Starskin 7 seconds morning pads effective or are they just a gimmick?

Total gimmick, in my opinion. Look, I was really excited about this product and I wanted for it to work, however it simply does not do it for me. I would much rather spend 10 minutes doing my skincare routine than having to use these pads ever again.

The whole process does not last 7 seconds, it does take a bit more than that. Not by much though. Plus, the pads are super wet. They leave my skin feeling sticky and making me want to wash the product off. It takes a while for the product to dry off before you can more onto applying your makeup. However, the stickiness is what bothered me the most.

Sure, it is nice to exfoliate your skin every morning as that makes it glow a bit. So I am going to give them this. But, there are other similar pads that focus on exfoliation and that do a much better job, eg. Neogen Wine Pads.

So while the exfoliation pads of the process is not that bad, the rest does not impress. For me the whole name is just a marketing gimmick and something mean to capture your attention.

It would have been great if the products could have really replaced every single product I use in the morning, but it was not meant to be. My skin feels and looks so much better when I use individual products and I am going to stick with that.

I don’t regret my purchase as I needed to learn and see how these things worked, but I would only use them while travelling and not just anywhere. I would use them only when I would need to pack light. I have lots of minis for travel so unless the situations calls for something radical, I will stick to those. So no more Starskin pads for me, at least not anytime soon.

What other gimmicky products have you tried? Did they work?

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