QVC’s Tili Abstract Beauty Box is here

I have no idea how I missed this one, but the beauty box as been released some days ago. Normally, I am the first who jumps to buy these beauties from QVC.

For those of you who might not be aware, QVC – the teleshopping retailer – has launched their own beauty box called Tili a couple of years ago. There are around 4 boxes each year and they cost £20 and they do not incur a  shipping fee. The value is different each time, ranging from £60 to £100, at least from my experience.

QVC might not be your to go to shop, but I have discovered some pretty great products and got them at amazing prices over the past two years. I particularly love their easy pay offers and their beauty boxes such as the one I am going to talk about in this article. I am perhaps not the target audience for QVC and chances are that you aren’t either, but it is definitely worth a look every once in a while.

Okay, so let’s talk about the latest Tili beauty box now. The latest Tili (Try it, Love it) beauty box is called the Abstract box and it costs £20 (as per usual). There is no shipping fee. The value of the box is £89.77. The saving is based on per ml cost of full size products directly from

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What does the Abstract Tili box contain?

  • 1 x Molton Brown Jasmin & Sun Rose Bath & Shower Gel (100ml) – a captivating blend of raspberry, bergamot, peach, jasmine, osmanthus, patchouli and musk.

The shower gel is luxurious and feels incredible on the skin. The scent is rich and pretty fantastic, but I found it a bit much for me. I love all the Molton Brown products that I tried before, including this one, but the scent is not really my cup of tea even though the ingredient would suggest otherwise. There is one or a couple fo ingredients that are overpowering.

  • 1 x Philosophy Purity Cleanser (90ml) – features a liquid crystal emulsion formula that works to gently take off dirt, oil and debris while also toning the skin. Infused with a blend of 12 essential oils

This cleanser from Philosophy is one that I have tried once before, but never touched again since. It did not impress me the first time I tried it, but my exposure has been limited so I cannot really comment on the product at this time. I have some more travel sized bottles lying around so I will give the product a another try before writing the review.

  • 1 x Margaret Dabbs Intensive Hydrating Hand Lotion (45ml) – a luxurious cream to help maintain the moisture levels of the skin. ,with emu oil, kelp extract, white water lily, cannabis sativa and wild rose plant extracts Scented with geranium and mandarin for complete hand care

This is a product I am actually curious about as Margaret Dabbs is a pretty interesting brand. I liked most if not all products, but haven’t seen their effectiveness. So this ought to be interesting.

  • 1 x James Read Sleep Mask Tan Face (25ml) – specially designed for the face, this clever formula is quick to dry and works to leave your complexion with a subtle golden glow overnight

My godmother who has been the recipient of all the tubes I had of this product provided me with positive feedback. I don’t use tanning products so no comment from me.

  • 1 x Ultrasun Tinted Face SPF 30 (15ml) – suitable for vegans, this lightweight tinted sunscreen offers heavy-duty UVA and UVB protection, as well as adding a healthy-looking, radiant glow to your complexion

I love Ultrasun even though the brand is pretty underrated. I never tried their tinted moisturiser before, but their sunscreen skincare in perfect for summer and really all around the year.

  • 1 x Floral Street Eau de Parfum (10ml) – a real industry fragrance innovator, in our Abstract Beauty box you have the chance to discover one of eight fine fragrances from the brand, all featuring sustainable packaging and cruelty-free formulations. In a random selection of Neon Rose, Wonderland Peony, Ylang Ylang Espresso, London Poppy, Wild Vanilla Orchid, Chypre Sublime, Iris Goddess or Black Lotus

What can I say about Floral Street Eau de Perfume? That is simply amazing, of course. Their products are really high quality and long lasting. The scents are pretty elegant and definitely not on the cheap side. I tried all of the above, but I do have my favourites. However, it really depends on personal preferences, but chances are that you will get one that you like. They remind me of Jo Malone and other fragrances of the kind and the scents are pretty versatile.

  • 1 x INC.redible Jelly Shot Lip Quencher (3.5g) in a random selection of Out of my Control (pink), Stronger Together (coral) or Sleep Love Repeat (pale blue) – this balm reacts with the pH of your lips to enhance your natural lip colour, while moisturising, softening and adding subtle shine. Formulated with a blend of avocado, vitamin E and rice bran oil

Want to try it, but haven’t tried anything from the range so no comment from me at this time.

  • 1 x Nude by Nature Finishing Powder (1.5g) – boasts a velvety texture that sets evenly over the skin, working to extend make-up wear, as well as helping to control oil and shine and disguise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with its light-reflecting micro particles

Nude by Nature has some pretty amazing products. Just like with the other products from the Abstract Tili box, Nude by Nature created high quality products are semi affordable prices. The brand is definitely worth a try. I never had any bad experiences, but I haven’t tried this specific product before.

  • 1 x Mally Shadow Stick Extra (1.3g) in a random selection of Champagne (shimmering pale gold) or Autumn Shimmer (sparkling pewter) – this multi-tasker features a creamy texture with a long-wearing formula to work as a primer, shadow base and eyeshadow in one, and can even be used as an eyeliner

No comment from me. Never heard of the brand before.

  • 1 x Laura Geller Iconic New York Travel Palette (3 x 0.04g) – featuring Charmed Violet (shimmering mauve-purple), Heather (matte pewter) and Nightfall (rich chocolate)

This one looks petty cool and something that is versatile enough for both day and night. Yes, I do believe that you can pull this one off even during the day. However, I admit that it would work better at night as you can create an awesome smudged look with these colours. I am new to eyeshadow so I haven’t tried the Laura Geller range before. However, the brand does create high quality products so it is probably worth a try.

Overall, this box is one you should try in my opinion. This is one of the best Tili boxes in recent months and it provides great value. Personally, I never regretted purchasing a beauty box from QVC’s Tili and the best part is that you only need to buy one as you won’t be roped into a subscription contract.

If you do want to get the box, move quickly, The boxes tend to sell out pretty fast.

Get your box here.

Photo credits: QVC UK.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by QVC or any other company. All opinions are my own and no affiliate links have been included.

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