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As you probably know by now, I have major issues with Cult Beauty a few weeks ago when upon delivering my order, they forgot to include my goody bag. If you are not familiar with the situation, then you might want to read more about it here.

It is safe to say that the previously mentioned situation was incredibly frustrating and took a long while and a lot of nerves to get it resolved.

Surprise, surprise. As I finally retrieved my Latest in Beauty Style Beauty Awards box, I realised that two out of the six items were missing. The Style Beauty Award Box from Latest in Beauty is one of their most special boxes which the brand comes out with once per year. The boxes are truly amazing, especially if you are early and lucky enough to get your little hands on the best products.

To say the least, I was incredibly disappointed. I was looking forward to trying out the two lip products from Burberry I selected. Plus, how could something like this happen twice in such a short period of time if it did not happen once in all the years I lived in the UK. I was shocked to say the least.

However, the moment I realised that the products were missing, I got my phone and wrote a short email to the Latest in Beauty customer service team.

A few minutes later bam. The reply was in. There are almost no waiting period. By the time I cleaned the dust off of the products I did receive and put them away in their respective drawers of my beauty room, the customer service from Latest in Beauty had already replied. And not just that. No, they did not only reply to my message but had already created the electronic shipping label to resend the items that were missing. I was shocked.

To be honest, I expected for my conversation with the customer service at Latest in Beauty to go the same way it did with Cult Beauty. But no, that was definitely not the case. The tone used in the email was friendly and nice, it was not accusatory nor did it make me feel like I am the guilty party in any shape or form.

If you read thus far, thank you. I know that this is a pretty weird article for me to write, but given my experience with customer service in general and in the last period in particular, I felt like I needed to mention this.

It was not only CB that annoyed me recently, but it was definitely the biggest case thus why I wrote about it.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that the Customer Service at Latest in Beauty rocks, even now. I met some of their team a while back at an event and I thought they were fantastic, but I am glad to see that is still the case today.

The way the customer service at Latest in Beauty behaved is the way every single CS team should behave. I will definitely continue to purchase form them and I will probably pay more attention to their products than before as my respect for the brand definitely increased tenfold.

The Style Beauty Awards Box from Latest in Beauty is still available. Not all the products are still in stock, but there are some pretty great ones left. Check it out.

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