Check out The LOLAs Diaries

My friends over at The LOLAs Diaries have finally launched their blog. This blog has been in the works ever since 2017, but you won’t believe just how many things prevented them of taking the plunge and clicking publish.

The LOLAs Diaries is a blog with real stories written by real women. At the moment, they just launched the website as mentioned above, but it promises to be something great. I am certain that the blog will be a sensation in no time.

I have known some of the writers on that team for many years and have collaborated on various projects along the way so I have full confidence that the blog will truly be a great destination for all women regardless of their background. The blog will be a mix of coming of age stories as well as growing up stories and everything this entails.

The LOLAs Diaries will be a destination for women who seek to find themselves and to grow, who seek to discover and take control of their bodies, minds and souls.

I hope you decide to check out The LOLAs Diaries and join Layla, Olivia, Ana and Leigh on their journey of self discovery and awakening. You can find the new and empowering blog here.

This article is not sponsored, but I strongly believe in the LOLAs’ vision and mission so I wanted to share with you their work. This is just the beginning of their journey as I mentioned several times, but I have no doubt it will be something great.

Best of luck LOLAs!!

PS: if you have your own story to share, the LOLAs are constantly accepting contributors.

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