Harrods Beauty Gift with Purchase worth £250

If you missed out on the Space.NK beauty gift, there is no need to worry. Harrods also has a beauty gift offer running at the moment.  So if you want to revamp your skincare, hair and makeup routine, then this might just be the gift for you.

What does the Harrods Beauty Gift contain?


Givenchy, Le Rouge Perfecto – Rose #002, 1.2g

givenchy-le-rouge-perfecto-harrods The Givenchy Le Rouge Perfecto is an amazing and high quality lip product. Personally, I haven’t tried this exact colour before, but I have one  in a pale pink colour.

Le Rouge Perfecto might seem like a lipstick when you look at it, but it way more than that. While this product from Givenchy  does offer you lips some colour, the product is more like a lip balm, a very pigmented lip balm. It reminds me a lot of the Nars Orgasm (now extended line) lip balm.

It is a product that you should try at least once and see whether it works for you or not. The Givenchy Le Rouge Perfecto is quite different than the products you might have in your arsenal at this moment and I do recommend you at least try it. Personally, I love it.

Nars, Blush Orgasm Blush Deluxe Miniature, 3.5g

nars-blush-orgasm-mini-harrods Most of you probably now that I don’t really wear blush. I try to keep my makeup pretty simple and with my poor eyesight I am usually worried about going overboard and not even realising it. So I just stay away form certain products. That and the fact that I do have a natural blush most of the time…However, when I do go for a blush, this Nars Blush in Orgasm is the one I go for.

The colour is not in your face, it is a beautiful shade of pink that looks both innocent and yet, very appealing. The product is again very high quality and it blends pretty well. So if you are just like me and tend to stay away form blushes then this might just be the product for you. Even if you wear blush on the regular, you might still find that this is an amazing product.

Laura Mercier, Secret brightening powder, 3.5g


This is one product that I have to admit I was wrong about. I usually tend to stay away from powders when it comes to my makeup and when I first tried this setting powder, it did not impress me. However, I gave it another try a few weeks later and the results were simply amazing. It seems that I was just having a bad skin day when I first tried it. Anyway, ever since I tried to always have this one on hand.

The Laura Mercier secret brightening powder is exactly what you need to set your makeup. The powder forms such a beautiful veil like layer on top of your makeup and leaves your skin feeling incredibly smooth. The powder is not visible either as in it does not just sit on top of your skin for everyone to see.

This particular powder fromLaura Mercier is best suited for the under-eye region.

Huda Beauty, Coral mini Obsessions Palette


The Huda Beauty coral mini obsession eyeshadow palette is the second palette from this collection that I have tried. I first tried the burgundy version which did not work out for a beginner such as myself. The burgundy version was very hard to blend, but this coral version is much easier to play around with.

I received this palette in the goody bag from the Glamour Beauty Festival so I haven’t had that much time to play with it. But my first impressions were really great. The eyeshadow was relatively easy to blend and it stayed put. I wore the product at an event and received nothing but compliments. It looked good and behaved well. I will need to play with it more so until then I won’t write a full review.

However, I have to say that no matter how much I liked this, I won’t ever buy one such palette for myself. The product is good, but there are others which are better than less expensive.

This is a great time to get your hands on this Huda product as it is part of the free gift with purchase!

ReVive, Intensite Complete Anti-Aging face serum, 5ml


According to Harrods, “this face serum softens the appearance of lines and wrinkles to give skin a smoother, more youthful appearance”.

Personally, I haven’t tried it so I am not going to be able to comment on whether this is truly the case or not.


Fresh, Soy face cleanser, 20ml

fresh-harrods-soy-cleanserThis cleanser from Fresh is a gentle cleanser that is made of natural ingredients as is the case with every product from this brand.

The Soy cleanser from Fresh is so gentle that it is perfect no matter your skin type. I love to use it on my non makeup days or as a second cleaner however I would not use it for when wearing a lot of makeup, at least not by itself.

The cleanser does its best to remove all impurities and it usually does a good job, but when wearing a full face of makeup, I feel like I need more than just this.

Furthermore, the cleanser leaves your skin feeling very comfortable and smooth s yay for that. However, the scent is not that great. It does not smell horrible, it does not smell like medicine which is great, but I would rather go without the faint scent it does have. The good part is that it is something that you can get used to and you do get used to it.

Omorovicza, Gold rescue cream, 5ml

omorovicza -gold-rescue-cream-harrods

I have tried many products from Omotovicza and I have yet to be disappointed by any, but I even;t tried this one yet. However, according to Harrods, “The Gold Rescue Cream harnesses the curative power of colloidal gold to dramatically reduce the appearance of micro-damage and loss of elasticity”.


Rodial, Vit-C Face Souffle

Rodial-Vit-C-Face-SouffleYet another product that i haven’t tried. So according to Harrods, Vit-C Face Souffle Rich facial moisturiser with 2% Vitamin Cis great  “for a brighter, illuminated complexion.”




Eve Lom, Rescue mask, 15ml

Eve-Lom-Rescue-mask Eve Lom is a brand whose products you either love or hate, at least that has been my experience with the brand so far. Their products are definitely high quality, but… I feel like there is no middle ground when it comes to their products. You either love them or despise them. This can be good as it is easier to makeup your mind when it comes to whether you should continue using one of their product or not, but it is also a shame especially if you paid lots of money on them.

So this is also a great opportunity to try one of their products without worrying whether you made the right call or not.

I haven’t tried this specific product so I cannot comment on whether I found it to be great to not, but according to Harrods,” troubled complexions are rescued by this hardworking, versatile formula that soothes and conditions skin”.

It does sound great, right?

BioEffect, EGF serum, 3ml

BioEffect-EGFNow, this is an interesting little fella. I have used this product once and the first impressions were really great. Since I liked it so much, but every single one of the samples I have are so small, I decided to wait until I used this product again so that when I try it the next time I could use it for a longer period of time. I am nearly there so a review will probably follow soon.

Again, first impressions were great, but the 3ml size is not enough to decide whether it is a product you want to invest in or not.

Sunday Riley, Good Genes Glycolic, 5ml

sunda-riley-glycolic-good-genes According to Harrods, this product help you  achieve clean, purified and exfoliated skin thought its use of glycolic acid. Furthermore, the Good Genes from Sunday Riley also “repairs the look of dull, congested, and sun damaged skin for a visibly radiant and healthy-looking complexion”.

Personally, I haven’t liked any of Sunday Rileys products and my opinion of the brand is not great either. If you follow @EsteeLaundry on Instagram then you might know what I mean.

I have serval samples of this product so I might review it soon, however I don’t have high expectations given my past experiences with the brand.

Shiseido, Ultimune, 10ml

shieiso-harrodsAccording to Harrods, “this anti-ageing treatment helps to make wrinkles less noticeable, whilst intensively moisturising your skin and enhancing your complexion with a glowing and radiant appearance”.

Personally, I am very curious to try the new products from Shiseido. This is the brand that got me interested in beauty products, however there was a gap in product launches if I am not mistaken. I believe the brand relaunched as well not that long ago and ever since, they have been coming out with new stuff, so much stuff that everyone is talking about it. I really want to see whether there is more than just hype. I hope there is!

Estée Lauder, Advanced Night Repair Serum, 7ml

Estée Lauder, Advanced Night Repair Serum, 7mlThis Estee Lauder product is pretty amazing. The serum is very luxurious and feels very nice on the skin. It also absorbs pretty fast and does not leave you with a sticky feeling afterwards.

It truly works wonders and when you wake up, you look rested and your skin looks amazing.


Besides the makeup products and the skincare products, you will also be able to find two haircare and body care products in the Harrods gift with purchase.

One such product is the Kiehl’s, Créme de Corps at 40ml and the second one is Philip Kingsley, Plumping cream in a 100ml format.

On top of these amazing goodies, there is also a tote bag included as part of the gift.

What do you need to do to qualify for the Harrods  beauty gift?

All you need to do to get your hands on this gift is spend over £250 on any beauty products. Easy, right? There are so many great products to choose from!

Don’t know what to choose?

When in doubt, I always go for the Brazillian4Play shower cream-gel from Sol de Janeiro. There is no questions about that. The product is simply the best shower gel I have ever tried. This product leaves my skin feeling very moisturised and it smells really great.

Another product that I usually get when available is the Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Cream. You might have heard a lot of things about this one and for good reason. I cannot stop talking about this one either. I am currently on my 10th purchase or should I say, repurchase of this product. The body cream from Sol de Janeiro helps tighten my skin and it improves its texture. The scent makes me feel happy and a little bit more sexy as well. I recommend you try it.

Other products I would go for include the Nars Sheer Glow foundation as summer is upon us and the product is perfect for this season, the BeautyBlender Charcoal Solid Brush Cleanser as this is the best brush cleanser ever. It is easy to use, it dries fast and it is much better than the liquid one. Plus, you really need to keep your brushes super clean and this does just that.

And many more…

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