costa brazil body cream

Costa Brazil Body Cream Review

Oh, wow. I cannot believe that I am finally writing this review. Why? I have been meaning to try and review this product ever since I first tried it. However, I do not find it easy to talk about as it simply shocked me. I went from not trying and nor hearing about the brand to trying multiple products that fall both within the beauty, but also within the wellness categories. They are all incredibly weird and I cannot believe they exist. Okay, I can believe they exists, but…You will see.

Costa Brazil Body Cream

This review will probably be a bit weird, but perhaps not as weird as some of my other reviews. I have a knack for getting weird stuff out here.

I got several tubes of this cream, one of which was included in the Net a Porter Beauty Advent Calendar. As mentioned above, I went rom never having heard of this brand to trying multiple products from them. The one I did try the most was this cream as i simply could not wrap my mind around it.

The first thing i noticed about this so called body cream from Costa Brazil was its texture. The texture is incredibly similar o the one of the Byredo hand creams. There is nothing else I could possibly compare it to. I am sure there probably are other products with such a texture, but that is the only one I came across thus far. Since I only have the travel sized tubes, I also noticed a great resemblance between these body creams and the hand creams from Byredo in terms of packaging, but that is a different story and not as important.

I was not all that sure and still am not about the texture, but I decided to give the body cream a try nonetheless. The chances of me coming across products such as this one or from this brand are rather small, unless I purchase them separately which I do not see myself doing anytime soon. More because I am trying to stick to a budget of sorts when it comes to my beauty purchases, but also because getting pricey beauty items at full price is not part of my goals. This does not necessary have anything to do with whether the products are any good or not. This applies to multiple brands so…anyway, let’s go back to the topic.

At the end of the day, I do not believe it is that weird to get a thick body cream. There are so many kind of body care products on the market and these come in various textures. This body cream from Costa Brazil is thick yes, but it is more like a softer butter which comes in a tube rather than a jar. It has a heavy texture, but not quite as a body butter.

As I mentioned several times already, I was a bit put off by the texture especially when I thought back to my experience with the hand cream from Byredo. I tried very hard not to compare the two products, but my mind kept going back to it. I loved the hand cream btw! I truly did and still do. However, I could not see myself using a body cream like it. Maybe this is just me being a tad neurotic for no reason whatsoever. It could totally happen, but it just did not inspire me as much as the price indicated it should. Or wanted to, at least.

I used it. Obviously. Otherwise, I would not be here talking about it as I do not make it a habit to talk about things I have not experience myself. Yes, I am still a bit upset about that! As I was saying, I used the body cream from Costa Brazil. The results were confusing. Despite my skin being a bit dry from all the cold weather and everything, the cream just sat on top of my skin. It would not absorb. I had to spend a significant amount of time trying to get it into the skin. This was fine, but it is not really the kind of product I need when on the go or when in a rush.

costa brazil body cream

It absorbed after a while, however even after 30 or so minutes, my skin felt like it would after using an oil based scrub. It was sort of wet to the touch and a tad greasy. That s not my favourite texture, but I could and can look past it in this case.

The thing that shocked me was that my skin was better than before, but not to the extent I was expecting. The dry patches were still there, but a bit greasier. That is not right, not for a luxury product. I know that my skin is going through a rough patch right now due to all the changes (alimentation, behaviour etc) but other products seem to work. The results were very anticlimactic, that is all. It was not expected and not welcomed either.

The fragrance was not my cup of tea, but it was not bad either. The scent was sort of citrusy, but also sort of creamy? Does that make sense? It works and it is not overpowering. It truly works, but it is not my kind of thing that is all. However, I can live with it.

What I do not like though is the combination of the issues I found, as described above, and the price. At the price range, I expect more. Yes, that is right. I expect more and I am sure you would as well from a product that is priced between £50 (for 25ml) and £95 (140ml). I would much rather use it as a hand cream, if I am being honest. I can totally see myself using it as a hand cream. It sounds weird, or it might to some, but I would get more uses out of it and I noticed that my hands can react differently to products than the overall of my body. My hands were quite happy with the results, but then there is the oiliness or the greasy sheen left behind which is not compatible with my love for typing.

So no, I do not really recommend this product and I am sorry for that. I never start a review or try a product with the purpose of being able to write something negative about a product or brand. I do not. I also try to keep an open mind as much as I can. However, price and quality matters. I want to inform, provide value and save you some heartache. I want to help you find products that both work and that make your life easier across all price ranges. In my honest opinion. this body cream from Costa Brazil simply ain’t it.

Also, as always, please remember this article is based on personal experience which differs from case to case.

costa brazil body cream

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