Niche Beauty Pouch GWP worth over €170

Hello my darlings ( a bit awkward, right? need to rethink, but I never quite know how to start). I am back with the first major beauty gift with purchase for this year, as far as I know at least. The gift offer is coming from the german retailer Niche Beauty. Here are the deets.

What does the Niche Beauty Pouch GWP contain?

  • RMS Beauty Peach Luminiser 5.6g
  • Ellis Brooklyn Myth 10ml
  • 111Skin Rose Gold Illuminating Eye Mask Single 1 Sheet
  • This Works Love Sleep Pillow Spray 10ml
  • The Perfect V VV Beauty Sheet 1 Piece
  • Niche Beauty Pouch
  • Westman Atelier Eye Love You Mascara 2ml
  • Dr Barbara Sturm Cleanser 50ml
  • Ouai Scalp & Body Scrub 30g
  • Patchology Simple FlashPatch Hydrating Lip Gel
  • Oribe Signature Shampoo and Conditioner sample pouch

Price, Value and Availability

The beauty gift with purchase from Niche Beauty is worth over €170 and it can be yours if you spend at least €180 across beauty products from Niche Beauty.

The gift with purchase is available exclusively at Niche Beauty and it ships internationally. You can get it from here.


The beauty pouch from Niche Beauty is pretty cute. The contents are nice as well and it even contains some items you cannot normally find in gifts with purchase. I have rarely seen anything from RMS Beauty in a gift with purchase or Westman Atelier. As far as I know, none of the major gwp ever included the cleanser from Dr Barbara Sturm. It is nice to see new items. However, the gift is not outstanding and it does not have that wow factor. This is the first major gift of the year, or at least, the biggest one I have seen so far. If you are looking to purchase a few items then it might be worth getting a bit more for your money, however I do have the feeling this is just the start and that many gifts will follow very shortly. If you can hold off for a while longer then it might be worth to do so. If your list is incredibly long then go for it. I am sure you won’t manage to get everything on that list for the amount it takes to qualify for this gift. Decisions, decisions. 🙂

Grab the Niche Beauty GWP here.

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