byredo bal d'afrique hand cream

Byredo Bal D’Afrique Hand Cream

Every girl boss needs a good hand cream. Why, you might wonder.  Hands are your connection to the world in a way, especially in the business world. You need your hands to make a good impression especially in a world that requires a lot of handshaking.

Lately I needed to network like crazy and that would have been really embarrassing if it were not for me finding the perfect hand cream to protect my hands. This weather is crazy and not friendly when it comes to my skin, especially the skin that gets exposed the most to a series of chemicals such as soaps, detergents (not necessarily from my own washing up), among others and as such they need the extra protection the most at this time of the year. I am not saying that you should not protect your hands at other times, of course you should. For this reason, I am happy that I found a hand cream that even though it is way more expensive than your usual drugstore hand cream, it is worth every penny.

The Byredo hand cream is more than a beauty product, I can argue that it is actually a lifestyle product. The lifestyle in question is one we will probably never get the chance to experience, or at least the veritable one as the times the hand cream and its scent take you to are long gone. The scent reminds me of Paris in the 1920s or what I imagine the glamorous Parisian homes smelt like from all the poignant but elegant perfume. This is what makes the brand so great. Byredo, for those who are not familiar with the brand, started out as an art project inspired by the founder’s personal experiences and travels. Not to bore you with the details, the scents are supposed to bring up memories.

Okay, so the scent is elegant and beautiful, it is refinement at its best.  The texture is glorious and addicting. I would keep applying all day long and not just for the fragrance. It is so soft and feels so nice as you rub it into the skin. The experience itself feels like it is better suited for an old French movie rather than an ordinary day in a modern flat in a city centre.

The Bal D’Afrique Byredo hand cream is luxurious, it is elegant, it is everything you could possibly want in a hand cream and so much more. Now, I truly wish I were a writer so that I could explain in words just how beautiful the entire experience is. The moment I tried this Byredo product, it was love at first touch. The only fault I could possibly find is the fact that the hand cream does not dry as fast as others, but then again it is a product meant to be enjoyed and not something you would apply on the run as that would be a shame. Let’s not even get started on the packaging as that is another design project in itself.

Overall, as you probably guessed, I cannot recommend this Byredo hand cream enough. It is something that every woman should experience at least once in their lifetime and it is a indulgence that is worth the money. Plus, it would make your handshakes very memorable!

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