The Harvey Nichols Spring Beauty gift is here!!

Last week, I told you that the Harvey Nichols Beauty Gift Spring 2019 (read for details on the items and some comments from me) was going to be released on the 26th. Well, I am pleased to announce that you can get your hands on it right away as the gift is live on their website and in stores.

What to do if the Harvey Nichols gift is not automatically added to your basket?

The order process is pretty easy, however once again I had the issue of the gift not being added automatically to my basket. Luckily, I managed to get in touch with customer support and they sorted it out for me.

You can either customer support your details over the phone so that they can place the order for you or you can place the order and give them the order number so they can check it out. I chose the latter. I have done this before and I had no issues with the package.

I know it can be a bit worrisome to place an order and then rely on someone else’s word that they are going to send you the free gift, but they do deliver. Or they have done so in the past.

So basically I called and gave the CS representative my order number. They had a look to check whether I met the requirements and then added me on a list. The two parcels will be sent separately, but that is fine by me.

What did I order from Harvey Nichols to qualify for the beauty gift?

Screenshot 2019-03-26 at 12.15.52.png

I need a new eye cream as I have given most, if not all, to my mother. Well, besides the one I am currently using. I chose the Recover Eye Cream from Pestle & Mortar as it was not overly expensive. I tried the brand for the first time the last time I placed an order for the beauty gift back in Autumn and I loved the brand. It definitely took me by surprise. The cleanser I got was unlike anything I had in mind, but it was really good (will review one day, as usual…). Hopefully, this eye cream will impress me as well.

Then I decided to get the Bum Bum Body Spray from Sol de Janeiro. I cannot have enough of this scent. I have been using the body wash (which I just ran out of, but was not available at HN), the body cream and the hand cream for 2 years now and I always need/want more. This is the best collection from Sol de Janeiro bar none. I never used this body spray before, but hopefully it is as great as the rest of the products from the collection. Please note that I did not say brand, I said collection. Sadly, not all collections from Sol de Janeiro impressed me.

Then I got two items from Huxley. Huxley is a brand that I tried for the first time the last time I placed an order with the store. I kinda liked their products so this time I went for the more expensive ones. Last time, I was a bit apprehensive, but now I know they are worth the risk. Hopefully, this bet will pay off.

Then I got the Beauty Cream from the Perfect V. I received a product from the Perfect V the last time I placed an order and I was surprised by how much I liked it. When I first heard about the brand I was something like ‘no way’, but I quickly realised that I was being very judgemental and stopped it. I do not tend to judge in general so I have no idea what happened, it was a lapse. Luckily, I saw quickly saw reason. Anyway, like I said, their gentle cleanser impressed me so I decided to become a bit more adventurous and try one of their pricier products. Summer is approaching so what better time to try the Beauty Cream from the Perfect V. Even though, if it actually works, I have nothing against using the product all year long *wink.

Then, I decided to give COR a try. Finally! I wanted to ty their silver soap for a while, but kept postponing the purchase. Not this time. I got the smallest version, but if it works then I am definitely investing in a full size one. I recently tried another silver product and it was life changing. Hopefully this product will be just as impressive.

Anyway, this is my haul. Is there anything you cannot wait and want me to review ASAP? 

Have fun shopping.



4 thoughts on “The Harvey Nichols Spring Beauty gift is here!!

  1. I went for this too, it’s the best goody bag I’ve ever had lol! Did you receive the Aveda Thickening spray in yours? I didn’t but did receive an Hourglass powder instead. Great blog by the way xx

    1. My goody bag will be delivered separately as my account never shows the goody bags… weird. Hmm, you got two hourglass powders? The powder is on the list. Strange that your Aveda was missing. I will let you know once my bag arrives. Thanks for reading and for your kind words 🙂 do make sure to subscribe for more *wink. Sorry, just being cheeky over here. Seriously, feel free to stop by anytime 🙂

  2. I only just found you today and have read lots of your old posts, I couldn’t believe how Cult Beauty treated you re the goody bag!! Luckily I received mine ok and the Space NK one too. It seems we’ve both got a goody bag addiction lol. No, I only received one HG powder which isn’t in the picture so I just assumed that that was instead of the Aveda? I prefer that anyway so I’m not complaining. I’ll certainly be stopping by again xxx

    1. Better late than never *wink. Yeah, the CB incident was pretty unfortunate. I need to post an update on that actually. With SpaceNK I did not want to risk it so got it from my local store. Goody bag addictions are the best addictions 🙂 plus what better time to invest in beauty products? I feel less guilty this way. Looking forward you seeing back here again. I appreciate the support.

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