Crayola Beauty Face Crayon in Steel Blue

Crayola has been around for so long. I am sure you’ve all used at least some of their crayons at some point or another. Not that long ago though, they released their own beauty range.

The beauty range from Crayola has been criticised and reviewed by many, many beauty gurus and influencers and has received very mixed reviews. Now, I finally got the opportunity to test one of their products for myself. The product in questions is the face crayon in ‘Steel Blue’ which has been included as the 14th product in the ASOS Face and Body Beauty Advent Calendar.

Now let’s see what the crayon is all about.

Crayola Beauty Face Crayon Review

The Crayola Beauty Face Crayon is a beauty product which can be used for multiple purposes and places. The crayon can be used on your eyes, on your lips and even on your cheeks. Sure, there are some that can be used everywhere and others that maybe should not? It is up to you and they are totally safe to use, but I would not use the one I have on my cheeks for example. The one I have is in ‘Steel Blue’ which perhaps would not be appropriate to use on my cheeks outside of Halloween. I am more traditional that way!

Normally I don’t do this, but since I already mentioned the colour a few times already, let’s discuss it. The Crayola Face Crayon I am currently playing with is in a shade called ‘Steel Blue’. This shade is actually a light shade of teal. This is a shade of teal that is more green than blue though, despite what the name might suggest. I think the colour is really beautiful and if we are to think of it as some sort of green then this is the only green eye product I ever came across that actually stays the colour it is intended to stay as. Most teal/greens end up looking pretty grey when applied. That is not the case here. The Crayola Face Crayon stays the same colour and looks as the packaging suggests.

I already mentioned that this product can be applied everywhere on the face and I do stand by that. I also said that I would stick to eyes and perhaps lips at some point. That is just me. You can do whatever you want. Use that creativity. I know that mine is lacking so… Anyway, I only tried using the Face Crayon on my eyes and here are my thoughts:

The Crayola Face Crayon can be easily applied as an eyeliner. The tip of the crayon is thicker than that of a regular eyeliner, but it is still easy to use. The fact that the tip is firm makes this a better option if used as an eyeliner than traditional liquid liners for example. This is actually perfect for creating some cat eye looks for beginners such as myself or those who have trouble drawing pretty lines (such as myself). There are not many products that I can use to draw some cat eyes and this is one of them.

The crayon might be solid and firm, but it is also soft enough to be easily applied on the eyes without having to press. This is one of the reasons why I attempted to use it as an eyeliner in the first place.

If you want to use this product as an eyeshadow, you totally can. You can cover a larger surface of the skin if you lean the crayon and use one of the sides of the tip. It really works like a Crayola colouring crayon. You can blend it out using your fingers and even a brush. You probably know that I am fond of using my fingers rather than brushes and I do so whenever I can. If you are looking for a well defined look you probably hate that idea and if that is the case then perhaps you won’t enjoy using this product as eyeshadow very much. I found that the Crayola Face Crayon does not blend super easy with a brush. It blends much better with your fingers.


Overall, I really love the format of the product and the fact that the colour does indeed look at it should. I think this product from Crayola Beauty is easy to use and carry around, but the blending could be improved. However, it is not incredibly hard to blend it and it does not streak. Instead, it creates a pretty nice canvas. It is perfect for a base colour. I cannot say that this is the best product out there, but it is not half bad. I actually like it.


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