DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

Oil for oily skin? when I first tried this product ages ago, I was super skeptical. That was just the beginning of my relationships with oils. I have enough natural ones so I did not even think about needing extra ones. However, as I have learnt since then that is definitely not the case, far from it in fact.

Incorporating oils is life changing. And I am not talking about your face only, but body and hair as well. A good example is this article in which I talk about my experience with using oil cleansers for my hair. However, this is about something else. Today I want to talk to you about a product I used ages ago. In fact, the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil was one of the first few oil based products I used.


DHC Deep Cleansing Oil Review

The DHC Deep Cleansing Oil is an oil based cleanser. The name pretty much gives it all away. Oil cleansers are perfect for a first cleanse, especially if you wear makeup. They usually do a pretty good job at removing all traces of makeup and dirt from your face. That is why they are quite popular nowadays, so you probably already know what I am talking about.

In general, oil based cleansers work quite well, they work better than most cleansers, especially at removing makeup and leaving your face hydrated. Is that the case here?

The DHC Deep Cleansing Oil does a pretty good job at removing all traces of makeup. You need to really rub it in and massage the product, but it does its job. But how does it compare to other cleansers when it comes to not stripping your face and leaving it uncomfortable? Hmm, the DHC Cleansing Oil ranks pretty okay on this scale as well. There is nothing particularly special about it, but it does a good job.

So you get a pretty comfortable and clean face after using this product. What more can one need?

Well, it depends on the person. As a product, the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil is pretty good and something worth trying. Personally though, I have my favourites and this one is not one of them. Again, I want to stress that this product is good, but there are some I like more. It is not necessarily that other products are better, but their texture is more up my alley. Okay, not sure if texture is the word for it, but consistency.

I love my oils a bit thicker, almost creamy if that makes sense. I feel like those cleansers are easier to apply than products such as this one that seem a bit more dry.

Overall, I do think that the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil is a product worth using. It is a product worth owning even. It does a good job at cleansing your skin and at leaving your face feeling comfortable and not stripped. It all comes down to what kind of texture you prefer really.

Where can you get the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil?


Have you ever tried any products from DHC? I am very tempted to order some full sized ones…


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