Alya Skin Pink Clay Mask

The Alya Skin Pink Clay Mask is not the first mask of its kind that caught my attention or that I have used for that matter. You might remember that not that long ago I reviewed the Australian Pink Clay Mask that made waves on social media a bit before this one and that is the Sand & Sky one.

However, unlike the Sand & Sky Mask which I did have before being tempted to buy it from seeing ads on social media, this is actually the first ever product I got because it was heavily advertised. It has been a while, but here are my thoughts.


Alya Skin Pink Clay Mask Review


Alya Skin is a rather small Australian brand. Since I first tried this mask which was their first ever product, their range has increased significantly.

Anyway lets focus on the mask for now. The mask comes in a nice jar with simple and elegant packaging. The price varies slightly, depending on the offers they have running at the time of purchase and if you buy two, then the second jar is usually at half price. Now, you can get all sorts of bundle offers as well. It really depends on the promotions they have going on, but from what I have seen over the past few years, they almost always have something going on. Keep your eyes open that is all I am saying. Smart shopping y’all!

While now the mask might be more easily available than when I got it, I still want to mention that for me shipping was free and I paid no taxes. The parcel arrived in around 10 days from Australia and it was in mind condition. This might be irrelevant for most of you, but it still might be helpful for others.

Okay, okay. I am going to talk about the actual product now. I went on and on about the surface things, but is the mask any good?

The mask itself is okay. To be honest it is not the best mask I ever tried, at least not when it comes to pore refining. The mask does no the job, however not the extent it is advertised to do so. I wasn’t to emphasise once again that the mask is indeed effective, but also to specify that that there are others that do work better.

Is there anything special about it though?

Actually yes.

Compared to other pink clay masks I tried, including the Sand & Sky one, this one from Alya Skin has a very different texture. Okay, the texture is different as the mask is more creamy, but I guess a much better word for it is formulation. The mask is super creamy as I was saying and it does not dry in the same way as other clay masks do. This ones stays a bit more wet thus making it super easy to remove compared to those that dry. That is just amazing as there is nothing worse than a clay mask that refuses to come off. I really hate those. I know that hate is a strong word, but I do not have a much better one for it. My feelings toward this kind of products are strong. Trust me, I tried cloths, special sponges…you name it. Nothing really worked. For that reason, finding a clay mask that comes off easily is special in my book.

The Alya Skin Pink Clay Mask is incredibly comfortable and smells nice as well.


The Alya Skin pink clay mask is vegan and cruelty free. In addition, it is suitable for sensitive skin so it is the perfect mask to try if you, like me, hate those mask that feel really tight and make your skin uncomfortable.

The mask might not be the most effective one out there, but it does its job. Furthermore, it can be easily removed so it is much easier to use one such product more times than a mask that is hard to remove. This is a good way to detox your skin and to ensure that you look amazing at your next meeting or in your day to day life.


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