Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Ultra Gentle Daily Peel

Wow! This is my first time talking about Dr Dennis Gross on this blog. It seems surreal to me, but it is probably very likely to be true. I have been using Dr Dennis Gross products for years, in fact they were some of the first research based beauty products that I purchased. 

Today I want to talk to your about the brand’s Alpha Beta Ultra Gentle Daily Peel treatments which were featured in the Harrods Beauty Advent Calendar.

Let’s get on with it.


Alpha Beta Ultra Gentle Daily Peel  



Before we move onto the more in-depth details, what are the Alpha Beta Ultra Gentle Daily Peel treatments actually? 

The Alpha Beta Ultra Gentle Daily Peel from Dr Dennis Gross are a fast acting, two step daily treatment infused with 3 AHA/BHAs plus antioxidants and vitamins. The treatments are meant to help you get rid of dead skin and impurities while they help improve the texture of your skin and even improve hydration. 

But do they work? 

In my opinion, the Alpha Beta Ultra Gentle Daily Peel treatments work quite well, but you need to be patient. The results are not all that visible at first, but they do become more visible with time and repeated use. 

After the first few uses, I did notice that my skin was slightly more luminous and even. It was quite clear that the treatments helped me get rid of some of those dead cells. This continued to be noticeable as I continued to use the treatments and after a box full of these, my skin did look cleaner and slightly more even. 

I guess it is safe by now to say that the treatments from Dr Dennis Gross work. 

But was I impressed by them?

Hmm, not really. I like using them and use them whatever I have some. I usually wait until my collection grows to a full pack, but they are definitely not my favourite product out there. I enjoy them, yes, but I do not really love them. I think the peels are good and effective, I just cannot bring myself to be awed. 

Do I recommend these peels though? 

Yes, I do. Like I said above, the Alpha Beta Ultra Gentle Daily Peel are effective and quite good. So if you want to try them, then go for it. Because these are the ultra gentle variety, they are also very much suitable for sensitive skin. So if you have been looking for a product that works even on sensitive skin then this is definitely it. That is the one thing that makes these peels stand out the most, as far as I concerned. 

Again, I love the brand and I believe that the products are high quality. I appreciate the research that went into creating them as well as the convenience, but for me personally, they are just a good product in a sea of many others. But if you want to give them a try, I really do recommend them. 

Where can you buy the Alpha Beta Ultra Gentle Daily Peel treatments from?


Have you tried any treatments from Dr Dennis Gross? 


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