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Fourth Ray Beauty Silk Scrunchies

I haven’t really talked about Fourth Ray Beauty on this blog. I intended to, as one does…  However, I only mentioned how you can shop Colour Pop’s sister brand if you live in the UK and focused on just how easy it is to shop the range (If you know someone who needs to be aware of just how easy is to get FourthRay Beauty or ColourPop in the UK, do share the link with them). That stops now. I did promise you more reviews this year, more content and more useful information so I am trying really hard to keep that promise.

Here is my first ever FourthRay Beauty review and I decided to start by talking about their silk scrunchies. Why? See below.

Fourth Ray Beauty Silk Scrunchies Review



From all the things I could have chosen from, why did I decide to go with the silk scrunchies from Fourth Ray Beauty? Well, there is a reason for that, other than me randomly finding the photos I took a few months ago while cleaning my inbox. If you recall, I recently talked about why silk scrunchies are good for your hair and also about a brand that supplies them – Slip. If you haven’t read that review, do read it here.

What does have to do with Fourth Ray Beauty silk scrunchies though? Well, not that much, but there is a connection. Both brands offer a similar product.

The Slip scrunchies might be good and high quality, but they are freaking expensive. Fourth Ray Beauty offers a similar product at an incredible price so there is reason to talk about them.

The Fourth Ray Beauty are full on scrunchies; there is nothing skinny about them. Also, unlike the Slip silk skinnies, the scrunchies from Fourth Ray Beauty might not be made of the same kind of silk. In fact, I pretty much doubt that Fourth Ray Beauty uses silk in their product. Th fabric feels more like satin. But so what? If the product works and you can achieve the same results, does it matter all that much?

To me it does not matter. The FourthRay Beauty scrunchies look pretty great and the fabric feels nice to the touch. It might not be as expensive as the ones used in the Slip scrunchies, but they are several times cheaper after all. The Fourth Ray Beauty scrunchies still look pretty great, even though they might not be as luxurious.

Okay, but do they work? I will stop beating around the bush and give you the answer.

Yes, the FourthRay Beauty scrunchies work pretty much as well as the Slip ones. The scrunchies do not tug at my hair and do not break it either. I might lose a piece or two but that is normal. They are still much much better than other hair ties out there.

There is not much else I can say really. Overall, I recommend you give the Fourth Ray Beauty hair scrunchies a try as they are a really good product. Furthermore, this is a cheaper version of all those silk scrunchies you might have seen, but it is one that actually works. It does work and it works well.

You might not always find the scrunchies availble at FourthRay Beauty, but do keep your eyes open. The same goes for other products from the brand as well as those from the sister brands.

Where can you get the scrunchies from?

  • ColourPop website
  • Fourth Ray Beauty website



Do you have a favourite hair-tie brand or type?

If you do, leave a comment below. I also want to know the secret to achieving a Betty Cooper worthy ponytail.


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