Enzyme based cosmetics and Beuti Skincare

For quite some time now, enzymes have been these little pesky things that made my life difficult. If you’ve done a degree even a little bit related to chemistry or just a course in chemistry, you surely know what I mean! Seeing these amazing chemicals in action is fun as they make it so that you can leave the lab early by speeding up the reactions, but on an exam paper not so much. However, ever since the beauty industry decided to capitalise on their amazing properties, my opinion on enzymes changed completely!

When used in beauty products, enzymes interact with the natural substances found on/in your skin and lead to some pretty amazing reactions! Don’t worry! They are actually safe to use as otherwise they wouldn’t have gotten approved to enter the market. There is no reason to be afraid to try them out. As always, when trying new products, test them out on a small patch of skin first in order to make sure they do not lead to an allergic reaction.

Going back to those reactions, one example is the interaction of enzymes with the upper layer of your skin which is mostly made up of keratin. Certain enzymes (only) can act as exfoliants and more often than not, work better than your usual scrubs. In addition, if you cannot stand the idea of scrubs, you might actually enjoy enzyme based products as they are definitely gentler on the skin and you do not feel the roughness that comes with the microbeads. The reason I said “more often than not” is due to the fact that enzymes are a bit tricky and annoy cosmetic producers. See, it is not just me! Enzymes need to be preserved under certain conditions and there might come a time when they stop working which is quite sad, but we need to focus on the positives here.

Furthermore, as you well know, certain factors such as pollution, cigarette smoking or radiation can lead to the creation of free radicals. There is a whole boring process there which I am not even going to try and explain here. I am lucky if you decided to follow me until this point, but the idea is that free radicals are created when a chemical bond is broken and after a series of events it can culminate in skin damage (among other types of damage).  Some enzymes act as free radical scavengers which is why when used in cosmetic products, they can help stop those reactions from occurring thus leaving your skin looking beautiful.

See, definitely a much more interesting use of enzymes than the one in exercises on an exam paper!

In the next section of this post, I will tell you about an enzyme based product that I had the chance to use recently.  No more boring, scientific stuff. Yay!!!


Pomegranate Glow Enzyme Cleanser

A while ago, I was given the chance to try out Beuti Skincare‘s latest product, a enzyme based gel balm hybrid cleanser. It is a brand that I haven’t used before, but I only heard good things about it and apparently even Kate Middleton is a fan! Anyway, it was pretty exciting.

As you know, I am always up for trying new things and especially new cleansers as I rarely get along with mine which is why I used the Pomegranate Glow Enzyme Cleanser for the first time the very same evening I got the parcel in the post. As soon as I pumped the product onto my fingers, the first thing I noticed was the colour. It is not the nicest colour,  but it is understandable considering the fruit it is based on and its other ingredients. What a random comment, no? That should not put you off though as the colour changes the moment it interacts with water, plus the effects are important and not how a product looks.

After the very first time I used it, I noticed a great difference. My skin was well hydrated and glowing, for real! Usually, I feel like my skin is so dry and in desperate need for a hydrating cream after each cleanse, but not this time! My skin felt super comfortable and it was a really pleasant change. To be honest, despite what it said on the box, I did not have very high hopes. It would have not been the first time I ended up disappointed. However, I am glad that the little container managed to surprise me!


New look of the enzyme based cleanser from Beuti.



Now, it has been a while since I started using the product and I am really happy with the results. My skin is still comfortable and not at all dry after using the Beauti cleanser and in addition, it looks a lot brighter which is a feat in itself considering how tired I am after working super long hours. I look like I spent my time vacationing somewhere exotic or at a spa rather than holed up in my room writing.

Last, but not least, the Beuti enzyme cleanser is made out of organic ingredients and has not been tested on animals and that for me is very important! Cannot wait to see what Beuti Skincare comes out with next!

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Have you used any enzyme based products?


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