Dove Coconut Oil Shower Mousse

dove coconut oil shower mousse

Today I am back with a shorter than usual review. I know that I have been away quite a bit these past couple of months, especially after I posted daily for almost four months. Posting daily was definitely an experiment, one that I plan on picking up again as much as time and mood allows it. It has been quite a few interesting and weird months as you all know very well.

Personally, I have been working on some research that I plan on sharing with you soon. This research might change the way I write these posts as I want to not only share product reviews, but more information on how you can incorporate these products in your routine and achieve the best results. In addition, I have been working on a new blog which will cover more personal topics such as life while renting, blogging tips and tricks as well as my nearly ten year long experience in this industry. So for those of you who have wanted to get to know me a little bit better, you can do so now/soon. For now, only my personal Instagram account is live and you can find me here.

But for right now, let’s talk about the Coconut Oil Shower Mousse from Dove.

Dove Coconut Oil Shower Mousse Review

You think Dove and nothing exciting comes to mind, right? I mean Dove is a really good brand, but it is one so widely available and one that we are so used to that it does not really surprise. The fact that they are not really adventurous when it comes to new products, does not help either.

However, Dove is reliable which is why every once in a while I do pick up their products. Not everything needs to be so freaking darn expensive, you know what I mean? Sure, I love my Sol de Janeiro Brazilian 4 Play Shower Cream, but it is not the most purse friendly one out there. If I can find something else to replace it, I am willing to, no matter how much I might love the previously mentioned product.

The latest product I tried and even finished as it was shown on one of my monthly shopping spend posts (one I am too lazy right now to go and look for, sorry!) is the Coconut Oil Shower Mousse.

The Coconut Oil Shower Mousse is as the name suggests, a shower product that has a mousse texture. Nothing new, these have been around for about 3-4 years now. However, they are fun. I always loved mousse products. I used to impatiently await to wash my hair or for my mother to wash her hair just to play with the hair mousse some when I was a kid. When they finally started releasing mousse products for the shower I was ecstatic. There is just something very satisfying about the way the product comes out of the bottle and how foamy and firm the texture of the product is. Maybe it is just me, but I cannot help and love it. It is definitely way more fun than the slime shower gel I tried not that long ago

So we covered that the Coconut Oil Shower Mousse from Dove has a lovely texture, at least I think so. However, it is also very convenient and easy to use. You can spread the product all over your body, clean your skin and then wash it off without too much fuss. See? Not just fun, but also practical. Since you get quite a few uses of one bottle and also are able to finish the entire bottle, I guess this is also cost efficient. I definitely got a surprising amount of uses from a single bottle, more than I would from a larger sized bottle of regular shower gel.

Now all there is to comment on is the scent. Was the coconut oil scent nice? Surprisingly, it was. This is coming from someone who still cannot stand coconut oil. I am not even sure whether I am allowed to say that anymore since recently I found so many products with coconut oil that smell quite good. Definitely not like coconut, not entirely at least. So yes, the scent is lovely.

Overall, I loved the product. It is a simple and yet efficient product that it is not at all boring. Plus, is super affordable. which does not hurt.

You can fin this product is most drugstores and supermarkets.

How do you feel about mousse shower gels?

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