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Over the past couple of weeks, I started seeing a new product from Huda Beauty popping up on social media like crazy. I really liked the looks of it. I thought that it could be something more up my alley, similarly to the lip srobes and less like the liquid lipsticks which I reviewed previously so I went for it. The fact that the item was sold by Selfridges which delivers all over the world was just a bonus (more about this soon, I promise!).

Silk Balm by Huda Beauty Review

Like I already mentioned above, the Huda Beauty Silk Balm is not a liquid lipstick. The product is actually a hydrating, lip plumping balm, at least that is what they want to make you believe. Is that the case though?

I am quite on the fence about this. I would like to say that yes, this is a balm, however it also resembles a gloss a tiny bit. The Silk Balm from Huda Beauty is, in my opinion, a glossy balm with an insignificant hint of colour and even more, insignificant ability to plump your lips.

Okay, let’s get into more details about what I just said. The product is a bit like a balm and a bit like a gloss. I love the fact that it gives your lips a little something extra making them pop without being in your face. They do enhance one of your best features while providing you with an ability to create a cute yet sexy look.

The product despite being a bit glossy does not make your lips stick together. It has a bit of gummy texture which is more similar to a balm. This is actually what convinced me that this product from Huda Beauty might be a balm at its core after all. It is in a way similar to the Rose Balm from byTerry but a bit lighter in texture or it could be a like a liquid version of the potted Jo Malone lip balm (once again a lighter version). It is not either of those things, but if we were to stretch it a bit, those are the two products this balm reminds me off. Maybe it could be similar to the Estee Lauder lip treatment as well, but I only tried the stick version so I cannot comment on this. It is what I imagine the EL product being like though. Okay, this was enough guessing and supposition on my part. This is so not my style!

Okay, so after this long babble on the texture, let’s talk a bit about the other features and benefits this balm promises. The Silk Balm from Huda Beauty is surprisingly hydrating. I actually find my lips to be a bit softer and less dry after use.

Now in terms of plumpness, I do not see any. Maybe my lips are a tad more plump, but I cannot see it. I could say that all there is to it is the way the glossiness reflects light which is what makes the lips look a bit different. Maybe it simply does not work on me, there is that possibility. It does not irritate the lips or make them feel uncomfortable in any way though.

This is my experience with the newly released Silk Lips from Huda Beauty. Is there is anything else you would like to know about this product, leave a comment below.

Overall, I wanted to like the new launch from Huda Beauty. I mean, have you seen how cute the packaging is? The delicate pink tube is so pretty. However, like I always said packaging is not everything. Yes, this product is definitely much better than the liquid lipsticks, at leats in my opinion. I look horrendous with liquid lipstick on! I love the feel of the product on my lips and even the look is not at all bad. However, at the end of the day this is just an over glamourised product from a well known beauty brand and nothing special as far as I am concerned. You can get something similar in your drugstore for way less. You do pay for the pretty packaging and the brand name here, there is no doubt about it. Definitely up to you though. And yet, I cannot help myself and apply it often so maybe there is something about this product that I am missing.

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