Sephora Rouge Satin Lipstick

sephora rouge satin lipstick

I have tried a few makeup products from Sephora over the years, not as many as some of you, but I have tried some. Not having a Sephora nearby does that to a person. For that reason, with each opportunity I did my best to find something to try. The results were pretty mixed as you would expect. Today, I want to talk to you about the latest makeup product I tried from the brand and that is the Sephora Rouge Satin Lipstick in a red shade which was included as one of the products for the 24th in the Sephora Christmas Favourites Beauty Advent Calendar.

Sephora Rouge Satin Lipstick Review

sephora rouge satin lipstick

The moment I first opened the tube of lipstick, I knew that it would be different. You could clearly see on the stick that the texture was very different when compared to other lipsticks. That proved to be true.

The Sephora Rouge Satin lipstick has a very gel like texture and even when applied, it feels slightly different. The lipstick does not feel super thick on the lips, but the texture is comforting somehow. It is like you are covering your lips in vinyl and yet at the same time you don’t.

This bring me to my next point. The Sephora Rouge Satin is super pigmented. The texture makes it so that you truly get the same colour on your lips as you can see it in the tube.

Furthermore, the lipsticks applies incredibly beautifully. There are no streaks or patches that go uncovered from a single application of the product. The way this lipstick covers the lips is really something else. There is truly a lot of uniformity.

I talked a bit about the texture, but how about the finish?

The lipstick is glossy and this combined with the gel like texture makes you lips look bigger. However, the lipstick is not at all sticky from my experience.

However, despite colour payoff,  gel like texture and beautiful application, the lipstick comes off easily. The moment you take a sip, the lipstick comes off. So there is that.

One other thing is that the lipstick I got is a red-red kind of lipstick, aka a lipstick that is a red as red can be. I am not super excited about this as I have had issues with red lipsticks in the past. They just don’t do me any favours! However, aside from this small complaint, there is nothing else I did not like. I look forward to trying out a different shade.

sephora rouge satin lipstick

Overall, I believe this Sephora Rouge Satin Lipstick is amazing and the quality and pigmentation combined with the previously mentioned attributes make this lipstick a must buy. So what if the lipstick come off? As long as the colour is a bit more subdued, I have no issues with it.

Where can you buy a Sephora Rouge Satin Lipstick?

  • your local store
  • online

Have you tried any of the Sephora Rouge Satin lipsticks?



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