zitsticka killa claryfing acne spot patch

Zitsticka Killa Acne Patches Review

Spot patches… Hmm, they seem like such a good idea. An easy fix to a universal problem and a pesky one at that. However, I found that these patches seldom work. I tried many brands and got various results, but lately I have seen Zitsticka advertised everywhere which is why I was super excited to find one in the Cult Beauty Advent Calendar.

Zitsicka Killa Acne Patches

I wanted to try Zitsticka for a while now, but this is perhaps the most expensive product of its kind that I have ever seen. For that reason, I could not bring myself to make the investment, not when I still have so many products on my wish list. Not as many as I used to, but enough to spend my money on something else. You know what I mean!!

Anyway, as I was saying, I finally got around to trying these boogie AF pimple patches and I am glad that I have. The Zitsticka patches come in a box of ….. For each patch you also get a small cleansing wipe so that to ensure that the stop you plan on applying the patch onto is clean.

zitsticka killa claryfing acne spot patch

The patch comes individually wrapped and has an easy application system which makes it possible to not touch the active part of the sticker.

Okay, all good so far, but how is the patch different?

The patch from Zitsticka has these tiny thorn like structure on the surface and they kinda sting when you first apply the patch. I am honestly not sure whether it was because of these throw like structure or the patch itself, but I did notice that the patch worked faster than others I tried before. There is no questions about it. This is the fastest patch I found on the market.

Sure that sounds amazing, does it not?

Yes, it kinda does. However, that is not all. I used one patch and most of the puss was removed from my spot, it also filled up fast. However, this also meant that I needed to reapply a second patch and a lot faster than I would have with other such products. I would have said that it is a bit annoying as you need to get it changed during sleep if you want for it to be active, but then again there is no difference between not being able to change a patch and having a slower working patch.

I am now going into weird directions so I am going to stop by saying that these patches are really worth it as they do what they are meant to. They have a larger active surface and they  also work faster than other such products on the market. Are Zitsticka patches the only ones worth investing in? Definitely not, but when in a bind, these might prove to be a solution.


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Have you tried any good spot patches?


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